The British foreign office has called for protests at the embassies of Russia over Syria

Speaking on 11 November in front of the British Parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the international community to tighten sanctions against Moscow because of the Russian policy on Syria, reports Reuters.

“If Russia continues to act in the same spirit, I think that this great country is in danger of becoming a pariah state”, — quotes the words of the Prime Minister Agency. Johnson also urged the anti-war group to hold a protest in front of embassies of Russia.

The Minister noted that all available evidence points to the fact that “Russia is responsible for the atrocities” are taking place in Syria. He said that other countries should impose on Moscow additional sanctions.

In late September, Johnson said that Russia is becoming a “pariah state” if it continues its current policies in Syria. He also noted that London is studying several options of exerting pressure on Moscow.