The Finance Ministry predicted the loss of the UK €81 billion, after Brexit

As reported by the Times newspaper, government documents that became available to the press, show that UK GDP will fall by 9.5% in case of withdrawal from the EU, and the total loss may reach 66 billion pounds (€81 billion) a year.

It in particular is that trade will decline by approximately 20%, approximately the same figure will fall and the level of foreign investment in the British economy. In addition, it may decrease the level of tax collection

Documents prepared for discussion on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, which should start this week.

Supporters of Brexit have already pointed out that instead of the new calculations, the Ministry of Finance made a report on the basis of a document which the government used to promote the preservation of Britain in the EU before the summer referendum. The interlocutors of The Times indicate that the document numbers “divorced of reality”, because it does not take into account the fact that the UK can extend trade agreements with the EU. According to them, the Ministry of Finance continues to use scare tactics, as it did before the referendum.

In a referendum the people of Britain voted to exit the EU, the Government promised to fulfill the will of the citizens.