The Kremlin began preparing for the annual message of the President

That the Kremlin started to work on the text of the annual message of the President to the Federal Assembly, said a source close to the presidential administration, and the Federal official. According to them, the work on the document began in September, but still is only a collection of proposals. The leaders of the Duma parties, too, have been asked to develop initiatives on the content of the document, said a source close to the Kremlin. On the whole, yet interesting ideas to the message not so much, says one of the interlocutors .

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the work on the preparation of the text is already underway. “Yes, started (job. — ) “he said, adding that the President will announce the message to the end of the year.

The last few years, the President, speaking before the Federal Assembly in December. The event usually takes place in the Grand Kremlin Palace in the presence of government members, state Duma deputies, senators, governors, members of the public. The performance starts at noon in Moscow and is broadcast live by Federal TV channels.

Before the address, the President traditionally consults with the leaders of the factions, said MP from the Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. According to him, the proposals of the Communists formulated in the electoral program of the party: the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation, the allocation of 10% of the expenditure part of the budget on agriculture, the bill “On children of war”.

The press service of the LDPR said that they knew nothing about the request addressed to the leaders of the factions to prepare their proposals for messages. If such proposals will be prepared, it is likely that they will be based on the previously announced initiatives Zhirinovsky party, in particular, the abolition of article 282 (inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity), the cancellation of the national regional division of the country, the termination of debt relief to other countries, reported the press service of the LDPR.

According to the head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev, in connection with the recent personnel changes in the Kremlin many expect that the message will be crucial: “But I am a skeptic, because Vladimir Putin is a man conservative. I don’t think we can see a serious change of course. From the reshuffle the President’s course has not changed,” — said the expert.

The message is hardly necessary to wait for something radically new, believes Kalachev. Speaking about the economy, Putin will certainly try to find the positive: “Vaccination of optimism is inevitable.” In the statements on the international agenda once again will be said about the peacefulness of Russia, the need for a more just world order, no our fault in the deterioration of relations with the United States, suggested the expert. “Certainly not to be overlooked, the elections to the state Duma, and here I wonder what the sound characteristics of the political system,” – said Kalachev.

“I wish the message had clearly indicated an intention to normalize relations with the surrounding world and to loosen the nuts, which in recent years have been screwed. Not all disaffected — national traitors. This is the main idea that you want to hear by the President,” said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov. According to him, given the reserves of political strength, which has Putin, he could afford such a reversal. “If the President says that the country regained the status of a great power and now faces the next challenge is to ensure economic growth and people’s living standards, those words will be perceived on hurrah. Then you can safely say that the new task requires new tools, including those associated with the restoration of partner relations with those whom we have just “forced to reckon with our interests”, — says the expert.