The Kremlin said the reason for the cancellation of Putin’s visit to France

President Vladimir Putin took the decision to cancel the visit to France. because the program of the visit fell of the scheduled event. The visit can take place in the time convenient for French leader Francois Hollande. About it has informed journalists a press-the Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports .

The visit to Paris was planned for 19 October. According to Peskov, in the course of the visit, planned several events, in particular, the opening of the Russian spiritual centre and one of the shows. “Unfortunately, these events are dropped from the program,” — said Putin’s press Secretary. Questions about what caused the cancellation of events, Sands was invited to address the French side.

Press Secretary of the Russian leader added that Vladimir Putin from the very beginning said that he is ready to visit “when it will be comfortable for the President of France.” Accordingly, the trip could take place in other time convenient for Hollande.

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources in France, explained the failure of Putin’s visit to Paris disagreement to narrow the agenda of talks with Syria. According to the source Agency, on the morning of Tuesday the Kremlin and the Elysee Palace held a consultation, during which Moscow was requested to rule out any other topics to discuss Putin and Hollande. “In response to this proposal Russia has made it clear he wants to postpone the visit, scheduled for October 19,” — said the source Reuters.

The day before, 10 October, Hollande said that he doubted the desirability of negotiations with Putin. “Can you do something that will be able to stop what he [Putin] is doing with the Syrian regime? That is, the support of the air forces of the regime that dropped bombs on the inhabitants of Aleppo, and Russia,” said the French President in interview to TV channel TMC.

Peskov said the day before that Putin continues to prepare for the visit to Paris, as the Kremlin had not received “any information from our French colleagues.”