The Moscow government one and a half times will increase the cost of construction of roads

Moscow authorities can spend on urban construction 1.8 trillion RUB in 2016-2019, to the report of the Address investment program (AIP), which was read the newspaper “Vedomosti”. On Tuesday, October 11, a programme to discuss the city government. In 2017, investment will increase by more than 25% compared to a program that works now: to build a plan to spend RUB 484 billion In 2018, investments can be increased by 18% to 477,7 billion.

The publication notes that most of the money government plans to spend on implementing the program “Development of transport system of Moscow”. For these purposes it is planned to allocate RUB 1.27 trillion

Of this amount, 654 billion roubles will be spent on the construction of the subway. It is planned that after completion of the programme in 2020, the length of the metro should increase 1.5 times, and the metro development programme is evaluated to 1.33 trillion rubles.

Almost 1.5 times increase the cost of construction of roads, the newspaper writes. The project for this purpose laid about 150 billion rubles In the current AIP for 2017 was laid 99 billion rubles. the Cost in 2018 is expected to increase from 110 billion to 152 billion rubles.

The peak of road construction will occur in 2018, when plans to build a 158 km, according to “Vedomosti”, Recalling that “now the average is entered 90-100 km”.

In 2018, the government hopes to build 158 kilometers of roads. Total investment in the development of the road network in New Moscow in the next four years will amount to 135,5 billion. in Addition, the authorities plan to allocate 95 billion rubles and the construction of healthcare facilities.

The publication notes that in 2015-2018, the Moscow authorities planned to invest in the construction of 282 billion rubles. less than the capital going to do it now.

S&P analyst Ekaterina Ermolenko calls plans for development of urban infrastructure is ambitious, but stressed that they are quite feasible. She noted that as of 1 September, the consolidated budget of Moscow was executed with a surplus of 228 billion rubles “the results of 2016 we expect that the budget will be [in 2015] was executed with a surplus,” — said Ermolenko.