Putin explained the Russian veto on the resolution of France on Syria in the UN

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the forum “Russia calling!” answered the question about the reasons for the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Paris. According to him, take France for Syria in the UN security Council was due to the fact that the document in spite of promises was not taken into account the position of Russia.

Putin stressed that the Russian authorities value our relations with France, and consider it one of our priority partners in Europe. He said this the next day after the Kremlin canceled the Putin’s visit to Paris.

“Not that our partners need to be offended over veto the French resolution. We should be offended”, — said Putin (the stream leads the channel “Russia 24”).

Speaking of the situation with the veto, Putin said that Russian authorities “do not like to be picked in diplomatic underwear.” “Only looks beautiful, but the smell sometimes is not very decent,” — said the President. Nevertheless, he agreed to call the reasons why Moscow has blocked a resolution on Syria.

According to the President, the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault arrived in Moscow and set out the paragraphs of the resolution. In response, the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov promised that Moscow would not vote against if the document will consider the Russian position. The French Minister promised to do so, adding that Paris does not want to “run up to any veto”, said Putin.

The essence of claims of Moscow to the resolution was that the document “all the blame for the situation was attributed to the Syrian official authorities and did not say anything about the opposition,” said the President. “What happened then — French foreign Minister flew from Moscow to Washington, the next day they came out with the [Secretary of state] John Kerry, has accused Russia of all mortal sins and catapulted the resolution,” — said Putin, adding that Russia “no one was to discuss”.

Putin also suggested that the French side sought to ensure that Russia vetoed the document. “To the veto — why? To exacerbate the situation”, — stated the President. This way of doing things Putin called “pressure and blackmail”.