Son of Vice-President of LUKOIL has requested the real term for race with the police

The prosecution asked to sentence to 2 years and 1 month of imprisonment of the son of a top Manager of LUKOIL Shamsuarov Ruslana staged a race with the police, the correspondent from the courtroom.

Wednesday in Gagarinsky court of the capital started debate of the parties in the case of resonance. In addition Shemshurova in the dock are two of his friends — Abduvahob madzhidov and Viktor Uskov.

According to the materials of the case, young people in the car Shamsuarov Mercedes Gelandewagen first stopped at the request of employees of traffic police. And then tried to hide from six police crews. Driving the car was Majin.

Threat tips

The first debate of the parties was made by the Prosecutor. He recalled that the scandalous incident occurred on the night of may 22. As to this in his testimony told Susarov, that evening he spent with friends at the club, drank and did not drive. So I drove the car of Majin.

Avtobl young people Mercedes Gelandewagen, told the court the police, drove without number plates and did not stop at their request. And then a car tried to get away from the chase breaking the rules of the road. They insisted that the speed of the Mercedes Gelandewagen at times exceeded 200k m/h, the machine is several times and unfolded through the continuous lines and even rode on the lawn.

He Shamsuarov, though, and didn’t drive, but I broadcast events to the web application “Periscope”. The car managed to stop just in the heart of New Cheryomushki, after which the young men were detained, it follows from the case materials.

Speaking in the debate, the Prosecutor insisted that the three defendants had committed high-profile crimes. “The car that travels at a speed of 200 km/h in Moscow, of course represents the danger,” the Prosecutor said. The Prosecutor noted that though the wheel was Madiev, his two passengers took an active part in the race — gave advice and directions on what maneuvers to make. “This is confirmed by the transcript of their conversations. On the recording heard who what the phrase says,” explained the Prosecutor. According to him, Shamsuarov said Majidova not slow down.

He also said that police believe that the Mercedes Gelandewagen has repeatedly violated the rules of the SDA, to provoke the guards in pursuit. A machine especially for that there were no rooms, said the Prosecutor. “Conversation in the car was conducted in a joyful tone: finally they are pursued by the patrol car,” — said the Prosecutor.

From the court to the colony

At the end of the speech the public Prosecutor asked to recognize the three defendants guilty of violence against the police and insulting a detention order (article 318 and 319 of the Criminal code).

The Prosecutor asked to recognize a mitigating basis of the presence of the child at madzhidova, and the presence of positive characteristics in Shamsuarov and Uskov. And also take into account aggravating factors — the crime group of people. Uskov that is serving a suspended sentence Chertanovskaya court of the capital, said the Prosecutor.

In the end, he asked to sentence Shamsuarov and madzhidova the accused to 2 years and 1 month imprisonment. And Uskova to 2 years and 7 months of imprisonment with respect to the first sentence. To serve his sentence, according to the prosecution, they must in the colony.

Missing videos

The defendants and their lawyers have repeatedly stated in court that considered this charge not proved.

Previously Shamsuarov, wistuba argued in court that the conflict was provoked by the actions of the traffic police, which threw a rod Adjuster in the car his girlfriend — Mary Baghdasaryan. This rod kicked the bumper on the BMW, which went to the girl.

Shamsuarov recognized that really was the broadcast of the race online, through the app “Periscope”. But he insisted that it is not abused in this case police officers.

His lawyer Mikhail Dolomanov also stated that no evidence against his client in the materials.

He stressed that the investigation was not able to submit to the court record with the DVR police cars, saying that all records lost. Recordings from the surveillance cameras on the contrary prove that young people did not use violence to the police.

“It is neither more nor less “random” loss of records from video recorders of all vehicles of the battalion of traffic police on duty at pecresse that morning. I think these “accidents” are not accidental. Looks like someone needed, in fact, to conceal from the court the evidence of innocence of the accused in the violence,” — said the lawyer Dolomanov