The state Duma propose to prohibit voting on other people’s cards

According to “Kommersant”, the state Duma is preparing an amendment to the rules prohibiting the transfer of the Deputy’s cards. The change provides for a ban on the voting at the meeting of the lower house of the power of attorney or other ways of transmitting cards of the absent MP.

As writes the edition, it is expected that the amendment will be submitted to article 85 of the rules. Now it provides that “the Deputy, absent during vote, is not entitled to raise its voice at the end of the time allotted for voting,” but does not prohibit voting by proxy.

The initiators of the amendments were members of the faction “United Russia” — Vice-speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov, the head of the faction Vladimir Vasiliev. According to “Kommersant”, they intend to discuss the initiative with colleagues on Wednesday.

Neverov confirmed to the newspaper that the proposal is ready for submission. “Transfer of the right to vote is a transfer of responsibility. But voters chose a particular MP and that he was entrusted the right to Express their opinion, therefore, the duty to vote it can not be ignored,” — said Vice-speaker.

It is not excluded, the newspaper notes that members of the state Duma will take advantage of the experience of colleagues from the Federation Council, the regulations which in 2014 is written, that the Senator “is not on the Federation Council meeting for a valid reason, may Express their views on any item of the agenda statement by the Chairman, which is reflected in the transcript of SF”. However, if the state Duma will take advantage of the experience of the upper house of Parliament, during the counting of votes the opinion expressed by the letter will not be summed up with the votes present, adds Kommersant. The experience of the Federation Council will be considered, said Neverov.

In the spring, as recalled by “Kommersant”, the amendments to the law “On the status member of the Federation Council and state Duma Deputy”, in which the powers of a Deputy may be terminated for failure to fulfill them “within 30 calendar days of duty.” Member of the faction “Fair Russia” Ilya Ponomarev became the first MP in respect of the use of this measure.