FoxNews found in the letters of the staff of Clinton’s positive comments about Putin

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, who has repeatedly accused his rival candidate–Republican Donald trump kowtowing to Moscow, has repeatedly in private speeches advocated the development of “positive relations” with Moscow and spoke positively about Vladimir Putin. On it informs FoxNews with reference to the correspondence of the head of her election headquarters of John Podestà, another part of which was published by the website WikiLeaks.

So, according to the correspondence Podesta, during a speech on 29 June 2013, the leadership of the consulting Agency Sanford Bernstein Clinton called Putin an interesting conversationalist. “I was sitting next to [Putin]. He’s fascinating and, you know, is a very interesting person”, – quotes FoxNews excerpts from the Clinton speech. “We talked about a lot of things that have not been sore topics between us [US and Russia]”, she added.

Earlier on 4 June 2013 Clinton during a speech at Goldman Sachs said that he wanted “to continue to build more positive relations with Russia.” “Obviously, we would love a positive relationship with Russia, that Putin has taken a less defensive position with the United States, so we can work together on some issues”, – quotes the channel of Clinton.

At a recent debate with his opponent in the presidential race, Donald trump, Clinton said she was opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a post of the Secretary of state and will continue to do so in case of victory at elections as a President of the United States.