Israel has stopped cooperation with UNESCO after the decision by the Temple mount

After resolusie UNESCO in which the organization said the lack of communication of the Jewish nation with the Temple mount in Jerusalem, Israel has decided to suspend cooperation with the organization. This is stated in a letter to the UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, Minister of education of Israel, President of the National Commission of Israel for UNESCO Naftali Bennett, which he published in his Twitter.

“After the shameful decision by the members of UNESCO to deny history and to ignore the thousand-year connection of the Jewish people with Jerusalem and the Temple mount, I notified the National Commission of Israel for UNESCO about the suspension of all professional activities with an international organization,” wrote Bennett.

He also said that the UNESCO decision “provides immediate support for Islamist terror” and ignoring the history of the Jews in Jerusalem is “the first step to ensure that the world will take all opposing (opposing) religion and culture.”

At the end of the letter to the UNESCO Director General Bennet expresses “sincere hope” that the organization will stop denying history “before it will stain their reputation and lose their professionalism.”

On the eve of UNESCO reported that the Executive Committee of the organization voted in favor of the Egypt and Palestine a resolution denying the connection of the Jewish people to the Temple mount. In the document we are talking about the connection of Islam with the Temple mount and Jerusalem, while on the rights of the Jews to the Holy shrines does not say. The document condemns Israel for violating the rights of Muslims in Jerusalem, also suggests that the words “Temple mount” removed from the lexicon, and instead will use the words “al-Aqsa Mosque”.

Voted for the resolution, 24 countries of 58, with used document — delegations of Russia, China, Algeria, Bangladesh, Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Iran, and Mexico. Support for Israel has provided the US, the UK, Lithuania, Netherlands, Estonia and Germany, the other 26 countries abstained.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed outrage at the decision of UNESCO in his Twitter. “What’s next? The UNESCO denies the connection between peanut butter and jelly? Batman and Robin? Rock and Roll?”, — he wrote.

The resolution criticized the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, who noted that in decision, the organization said “about a particular connection of Islam to Jerusalem with no mention of the rights of the Jews to the Holy Shrine of this city.”

The Rabbi agreed and Russian Muslims. As stated by “RIA Novosti” the President of the International Islamic mission, the General representative of the coordinating center of Muslims of the North Caucasus (KTSMSK) in Moscow, mufti Shafig pshihachev, the Executive Committee of UNESCO was to indicate the relationship with the Temple mount in particular, and the Jewish people.