The defense Ministry has denied the death of six Russian officers in Syria

Information about the murder of six Russian officers in Syria are “intentional information spreading”. This was stated in Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“All Russian military personnel in the Syrian Arab Republic, alive, healthy and the envy of provocateurs will honour and carry out tasks on purpose,” said the Department. The defense Ministry said that “reports in the foreign social networks about the alleged death of Russian soldiers have no grounds and are intentional information spreading”.

Earlier, representatives of the group “Faylaq al-sham” announced the killing of six Russian officers, as well as several Iranian and Syrian military in the province of Hama in Syria. This was reported by monitoring group SITE intelligence group, which monitors the activity of Islamists.

The rebels emphasized that they “followed and watched” for the military dead for more than three months. The message about the death of the military also appeared in the Twitter group.

Group “Faylaq al-sham” (“Levantine Legion”) is one of seven opposition groups including the Free Syrian army and “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (banned in Russia), operating in the North of Syria against the government of the country. In August the Pro-government media reported that the group has lost leaders of the movement in the provinces of Latakia and HOMS. In July 2016 on the territory controlled by the “Faylaq al-sham” were killed Russian contract servicemen Nikita Shevchenko.