The lawyer Feigin ban on leaving the country called a technical error

TASS Feigin said that a ban on travel from Russia to the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP), he explained a technical error. “I can fly right now.” the lawyer said that the day before was going to fly to Vilnius on “Forum of free Russia”.

The Agency “RIA Novosti” in the marshals service in turn said that “no technical failure could not be”. According to him, restriction of travel abroad was shot back on August 29. “Today he still had debts, but abroad he could fly without any obstacles from the side of enforcement,” he said.

Before refusing to release him from Russia Feigin explained that involved in the case of a citizen of Ukraine Roman Sushchenko, which in Russia suspected of spying.

In response, the head of the Federal bailiff service Arthur Parfenchikov has advised the lawyer Feigin to pay off debts. He wrote on Twitter, that encourages him to “take action worthy of a lawyer, and disappear from the list of debtors on the website of the service.” In the course of further correspondence Feigin replied that no he has no debts. “Your site does not match your paperwork. Just amazing,” he added.

In mid-August Feygin has already complained about the ban on leaving Russia, explaining that the attempts to deprive him of the opportunity to speak in international organizations and communicate with clients abroad.

However, the official representative of the Federal bailiff service in Moscow, Timur Korobitsyn explained that in fact Feigin has not fulfilled against him demands. It was alleged that he allegedly returned to his ex-wife after divorce piano.

Feigin is known for its professional activities in the case of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but later, by the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin pardoned and sent to Ukraine. He also was the lawyer for the group Pussy Riot, political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky, and ideologue of the militant organization of Russian nationalists (BORN) Ilya Goryachev.