The media reported on the verification of Spetsstroy

At the Federal Agency for special construction (Spetsstroy) is checked, which involved the employees of the main control Directorate of the President, writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the defense Ministry.

This information was confirmed by the newspaper source in the Kremlin, noting that auditors should “evaluate the effectiveness of Agency budget allocated in the framework of the state defense order and other project — like the construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny”. The reason for testing, according to the interlocutor of the edition, — a scathing report on the activities and status of Spetsstroy, prepared last month in the office of the Cabinet and has come down to President Vladimir Putin.

To reveal details of the source of the refused, citing the secrecy of data. He noted that Putin sent a report to the office of the Russian security Council and the document was the head of the main control management of the President Konstantin Chuichenko.

In spetsstroe to the question “Kommersant” on the audit stated that “conduct routine checks of activity of the enterprises forces the audit Department of the Agency and provide all necessary assistance to the Supervisory authorities in conducting the relevant activities.”

During a closed meeting the chief of the General staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov in the beginning of this week, according to the newspaper, the acting Deputy Director of Spetsstroy Alex Burial grounds reported that of the 83 objects that elevate the interests of the armed forces at the moment of the backlogs not only at 11, and condition 61 of the object is estimated as “critical”.

Employees of the main control Directorate of the President now will check the compliance of these data reality, says “Kommersant”. The fate of the Federal Agency as an independent Agency will largely depend on the results of this test, said the government and the Kremlin, the newspaper’s sources.