The Ministry of health has proposed to spend on priority projects 182 billion.

182 billion for new projects

The Ministry of health has identified a preliminary budget of five large-scale projects in the health sector to be implemented from 2019 to 2025, said a source close to the Ministry of health. The Ministry of health wants to spend more than 182 billion rubles for the development of medical aviation in remote areas, monitoring of the market of public procurement, the purchase of new vaccines, the introduction of electronic workflow and telemedicine. The project budget contains the proposals of the Ministry of health in the direction of “Health” that was read .

The amount of the budget requested by the Ministry of health for the implementation of projects, incremental projects not yet approved by the government and the President, said the press service of the Ministry. The documents are adjusted in a working group consisting of representatives of interested Federal agencies, governments and universities, in particular the Higher school of Economics. The need to revise documents confirms the Director of the Institute of health Economics Larisa Popovich. In her opinion, in the final version the amount of required funds will be lower.

Final version prepare for the winter. The projects must be submitted for approval to the President no later than 1 December 2016, said the Ministry of health.

A vaccine for chickenpox

Due to the requested budget funds the Ministry intends to reduce maternal and infant mortality. To solve this problem officials are going through the improving the organization of medical care to infants, women during pregnancy and after birth in the perinatal centres and introduction of new vaccines in the national immunization schedule.

For 2012-2015, according to the Ministry of health, which are contained in the project Department, the infant mortality rate declined by 24.4%. Now the Ministry wants to align figures by region. This includes funds that remain after implementation of the project for the construction of 32 perinatal centers; the project of budget FOMS and budgets of regions in 2014 stood out 81,6 billion roubles More a little more than 133 million roubles in the years 2017-2018, the Ministry of health wants to spend on the creation of training centers for training of staff.

In addition, the health Ministry proposes to introduce in the national immunization schedule vaccination against varicella and rotavirus. The new vaccine will cost the state annually at 16.9 billion rubles (RUB 6.1 billion on drugs against varicella and 10.8 billion rubles — vaccine against rotavirus), estimated the officials. Just from 2019 to 2025 is planned to spend 101 billion rubles.

Varicella — not the most socially significant disease and the national vaccination in this case is not necessary, says the Director of Analytics of the company RNC Pharma Nikolay Bespalov. Vaccination against the disease will not lead to a significant increase in health indicators, he said. Rotavirus infection is the more serious disease from a social point of view to that of varicella, and vaccination against rotavirus is more important, says Bespalov.

The manufacturer of the vaccine against rotavirus — the U.S. company MSD. According to the company, RNC Pharma, sales of the drug MSD “Rotate” in the first eight months of 2016 in the commercial market amounted to RUB 140 mln Vaccine against chicken pox produced by GSK and Sanofi (“Varilrix” and “Arawaks” respectively). Their total sales amounted to around RUB 248 million. plans to release the vaccine against chickenpox were reported and a representative of the National immunobiological company.

Doctor in touch

The second major project of the Ministry of health — the program of Informatization of health. The program involves the transition to electronic document management and the advent of telemedicine is the possibility of holding remote patient consultation with the doctor. In particular, citizens need to access a digital membership card in the personal Cabinet on the Single portal of state services.

The Department has planned to spend on information technology by 2025 31.7 billion RUB Of which a little over 5.5 billion rubles should be allocated from the Federal Treasury and 26.2 billion rubles from regional budgets.

Medical aircraft

As stated in the project documents of the Ministry of health, 34 Russian regions belong to the hard-to-reach areas. In these regions, home to 32.6 million people, of which 17.7 million are living in difficult terrain. 1 million people primary care is unavailable, according to documents of the Ministry of health, so in this area, we conclude the officials, it is necessary to develop sanitary aviation.

We are talking about the procurement of the so-called aviation services, cost per departure, according to the calculations of officials, — 385 thousand RUB What is meant by “aviation service”, the draft said. From 2017 to 2019 for the purchase of “air services,” the health Ministry plans to allocate RUB 10.24 billion this amount includes the reconstruction and construction of helipads.

The label on the medicine

The Ministry of health has prepared a project for improving the system of monitoring of procurement of drugs. To this end he proposed to carry out monitoring of procurement and implementation monitoring the movement of drugs from producer to consumer (with special labels on the packaging).

Monitoring system for public procurement, according to estimates of officials, will require 20 million rubles, which the Ministry plans to allocate from the current budget of the health Ministry. The introduction of a system of labeling drugs much more costly project — it will cost 14.22 billion rubles, of which 3 billion rubles will be allocated from the Federal budget.

All expenses will ultimately be borne by the manufacturers and distributors, and pharmacies, I’m sure Popovich of the Higher school of Economics. Agree with her Bespalov. One pharmacy the scanner will cost formochka of 12-15 rubles., industrial scanner distributor can cost millions of rubles, he said.

Draft labeling of drugs would make sense, if Russia had problems with forgery, the President of the League of defenders of patients Alexander Saversky. To combat substandard medicines, when, according to Roszdravnadzora, their market share is less than 1%, it is meaningless, says the expert.

New footage

To improve the performance of the Russian health care needs project to provide industry with highly qualified specialists. On personnel in 2017 and 2018, the Ministry of health is willing to spend 440 million rubles from its own budget. In just 6 years, from 2019 to 2025, on these purposes is planned to spend 1.2 billion rubles and an additional 23.2 billion RUB financing from an unspecified source. These funds will go to support the platform of the Ministry of health for continuing education ( and construction of sites for vocational certification.