The rebels said the killing of six Russian officers in Syria

Six Russian officers, as well as several Iranian and Syrian military were killed in the province of Hama in Syria, said the rebel group “Faylaq al-sham”. This was reported by the SITE intelligence group, which monitors the activity of Islamists.

According to representatives of groups they “watched and observed” for military dead for more than three months, the report said.

Earlier post about the death of six Russian soldiers appeared on Twitter of the group.

so far failed to get comments of the Ministry of defence on this subject.

SITE Intelligence Group is an international organization that monitors the activities of Islamist groups, using in particular data from public sources, including social media accounts. Information of the monitoring group uses Reuters and other news agencies.

The Russian authorities officially reported the deaths of 20 Russian soldiers during operations in Syria. The largest one-time loss was the crash of the helicopter Mi-35M at Palmyra, which, as argued by the defense Ministry, was shot down by insurgents from the ground. Onboard the helicopter there were five Russian soldiers, they all died.