Novak said about the lack in Ukraine of gas for the winter

Ukraine has enough gas in underground storage facilities for the normal passage of winter, said Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak. “To date, in our estimation, to pass the winter is not enough gas in Ukraine’s underground gas storage facilities. Over the summer period was not pumped about one and a half to two billion cubic meters of gas. — ] “, he said (quoted by TASS).

The Minister said that if Ukraine will pay Russia is ready to supply it with the necessary volumes of gas. “We are ready to ensure the transit of gas and supplies for European consumers. And gas supplies to Ukraine for pumping into underground gas storage facilities,” said Novak, adding that the volume of gas will be delivered in the presence of “appropriate financial resources”.

The Minister also stressed that the risks of lack of gas and reducing consumption will be associated also with the weather this winter in Ukraine.

In late August, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv said that by the beginning of the heating season gas reserves in storage facilities decided to increase to 17 billion cubic meters, He noted that at a meeting of the Cabinet, it was decided to focus on the cold winter and increase reserves. Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities considered that for smooth passage of the heating season is enough to save about RUB 14.5 billion m of gas.

The day before the Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik, in turn, said that all the basic parameters stipulated by the plan of preparation for the autumn-winter heating season, already almost done. “So I want to reassure all citizens of Ukraine and to say that the problems with the preparation for the autumn-winter period is not” — said the Minister.

The head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller, meanwhile, said that the small amount of accumulated gas in the Ukrainian UGS risks for transit of Russian gas to Europe. “There is no reason to say that Ukraine will come to those daily regimes of pumping required to reach a volume of 17 billion And we all know how to work the gas transportation system of Ukraine, and gas in winter in underground storage in Western Ukraine, “Naftogaz of Ukraine” uses to ensure transit of Russian gas to European consumers”, — said Miller.