The media talked about the lack of HIF 0.5 trillion rubles for the salaries of doctors

The budget of the compulsory health insurance Fund (HIF) remains unformed because it lacks the funds to implement the “may” decree of the President about increase of salaries of health workers, write “Vedomosti”.

According to Federal officials, in 2017, the shortage is about 71 billion rubles — just over 4% of revenues FOMI in 2017. For a three-year period for the indexation of salaries of health workers required almost 0.5 trillion rubles, follows from the explanatory notes to the draft budget of the Fund. In particular, in 2018 196,6 billion in 2019 — 219,5 billion.

The Cabinet approved a draft Federal budget for this period, however, funds for the HIF is not found. Recognized as the official government budget FOMI is the only one that is not yet balanced. Another official confirmed: this is the main fork remaining in the budget, funding options several is likely to be transfers from the Federal budget.

Press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalia Timakova said that the balanced budget FOMI will be discussed further.

The Ministry of health offered to find the necessary amount in the budget FOMI for 2016 — not to transfer the return transfer to the Federal budget. We are talking about 96,7 billion rubles, mainly on high-tech medical aid (VMP). The transfer shall be transferred on the last day of 2016 and still can’t be used in the current year, said in a note the Ministry of health, and if the money to leave FOMS, it will be closed the deficit the next and partially 2018.

Federal VMP 2017 will be funded from FOMI directly, which will reduce Federal spending on health care. In 2017 they will be approximately 20% smaller than the current, and amount of 88.5 billion rubles For the PMF in the budget FOMI for 2017 planned expenditure in 96.7 billion rubles, but the total costs FOMI for 2017 remained almost unchanged — about RUB 1.7 trillion in health care Financing at the expense of the Federal budget and FOMI will be reduced in 2017 to 4%, and by 2020 it will be 1% more than in 2016, in nominal terms and in real terms — will be reduced by 15%.

According to the decrees of the President, in 2017, the salary of doctors should be 180% srednerynochnoj, and middle and Junior staff of 90 and 80%, respectively. In 2018 — a 200%, 100% and 100%.

To cover the deficit of FOMI has been suggested due to the increase of insurance contributions on wages in excess of threshold values, said Federal officials. The solution, according to them, yet. Another proposal is to oblige not officially working citizens pay for medical services, now doing regional budgets.