Wikileaks questioned the seriousness of plans of the CIA cyber attacks on Russia

Wikileaks has questioned the “seriousness” of a planned secret attacks on the US Russia. Previously, the preparation of hacking action against Moscow, reported NBC News, citing sources.

“If “the secret” U.S. cyber war against Russia was serious, then, first of all, it has not been announced and secondly, it would deal with NSA [the national security Agency. — ] and not the CIA,” the message reads Wikileaks on the website.

Earlier NBC News reported that the CIA has begun to develop a secret cyberactive against Russia in response to “alleged Russian interference in the American presidential elections.” As told by Retired Admiral James Stavridis, the US needs to attack “Russia’s ability to censor domestic Internet traffic”. In addition, we plan to identify “financial transactions President Vladimir Putin and his associates”.

Vice-President Joe Biden in an interview said that “we send a signal” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On October 7 the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has formally accused Russia of cyber attacks on the servers of the American Democratic party. The goals of these hacker “theft and disclosure”, considered in the Obama administration, “interference in the election process in the United States.”

Four days later, White house spokesman John Ernest said that Obama is considering several options to respond to Russia in connection with the hacking of computer networks “political organizations.” According to him, Obama promised to choose a response that is “proportional”. When Ernest said that retaliatory measures can be taken without public announcement.

In Russia deny involvement in cyberattacks. In particular, the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the accusation “nonsense”, citing the example of the official site of Vladimir Putin, who, according to him, can withstand several tens of thousands of hacker attacks. “Many attacks are traced from the United States. We do not blame every time the White house or Langley (headquarters of the CIA. —)”, — said Peskov.