EU leaders agreed to discuss Russia’s intervention in politics in their country

Secret Russian interference in the political processes in Europe will be discussed by EU leaders, writes the Financial Times citing a senior diplomatic officer of the EU.

The discussion will take place during the EU summit in Brussels, which will take place on 20-21 October. Sources told the publication that the intelligence agencies of several countries have received evidence that Moscow may be involved in the financing of populist movements and extreme right parties. “Moscow sees these populist parties as useful allies in achieving their goals in Europe, such as the termination of economic sanctions or undermining European support of Ukraine”, — quotes FT senior researcher the European Council on foreign relations Fredrik Paddle.

It clarifies the newspaper, previously, these issues were not discussed because of the inconsistency in security matters. “This is a serious concern. It becomes a constant subject for concern. We are talking about the level of awareness of the situation. We have no tools to act in a centralized way”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

EU leaders are to hold consultations on those issues during the informal dinner on Thursday, October 20. The focus will be all aspects of relations with Moscow. Previously, the newspaper, the Kremlin denied interference in the internal Affairs of European countries, however, several European diplomatic figures have repeatedly expressed concern hidden Moscow’s efforts to “disrupt and distort political debate.”

“Russia is obviously not the mastermind of the growth of populism in Europe, but it became clear that Russia welcomes it and, in some cases, actively supporting populist movements and extreme right-wing parties with Pro-Russian sentiments,” said Paddle.