In Montenegro detained a group suspected of preparing a terrorist attack Serbs

As reported by Reuters, citing the head of the Montenegrin police, Slavko Stojanovic, 12 citizens of Serbia have entered the country with the aim to get an automatic weapon and then attack on police headquarters and senior government officials.

The details of the incident, the interior Ministry does not disclose.

According to the Prosecutor’s office of Montenegro, the attack was planned to begin on the night of October 17, during a rally, which was planned after the announcement of the first results, reported by the Belgrade radio station B 92. She also said about 20 detainees in Montenegro, mentioning among them are one doctor of Sciences.

The Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander survived said that he has no information about the arrests of their citizens in Montenegro.

According to preliminary data, the first place on parliamentary elections was occupied by the Democratic party of socialists of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, an advocate for Montenegro’s membership in EU and NATO. She has about 40% Second place went to the Democratic front with 20%, speaking with the Pro-Serbian positions and accused Djukanovic that he seeks “to make Montenegro a colony of Russia”.