Merkel’s declared intention to significantly increase spending on defense

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany may dramatically increase spending on defense in the coming years. She stated at the conference of the youth wing of the CDU, reports Reuters.

According to the recommendations of the NATO member countries should spend 2% GDP on defense. According to Merkel, US President Barack Obama in the interview said that the US spends on defence 3.4% of GDP, while Germany, the closest ally of Washington’s NATO spends only 1.2% of GDP.

“To get instead of 1.2% of GDP 2%, we need to increase [expenditure] on a huge amount,” — said Merkel.

She did not specify how much can be increased the cost of Germany for defense. Reuters notes that the budget of Germany 2016 the defense spending amount to €34.3 billion to achieve the 2 percent target, Germany needs to increase this amount to more than €20 billion.

In June NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance intends to increase military spending this year by €3 billion Stoltenberg did not name the sum which the member countries of NATO spent on defense last year, but in may said that it comes amid increasing threats, including “Russian aggression”.

The Financial Times wrote that in 2015, the European allies of the Alliance has spent on defense a $253 billion, while US — $618 billion In average spending of the countries of NATO defence is about 1.43% of GDP.

Plans to increase the defence budget this year has said and some other European countries. Latvia reported that spending on defense will increase by almost 60%, Lithuania planned to increase this figure to 35%, Estonia and Poland 9% each.