Putin responded to Biden’s statement about retaliatory cyber attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that US threats to conduct a cyber attack against Russia do not meet international standards.

“For the first time at such a high level, the United States recognizes that they are engaged and to some extent threatened, that, of course, does not meet the standards of international communication,” Putin said, commenting on the statement published on the eve of the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

Putin also noted that threats to carry out a hacking attack against Russia is nothing new, as, in the opinion of the President of Russia, has long been known that the United States “for all the peeping and eavesdrop on everyone”. “From our American friends, you can expect just about anything. What he said, so new? We don’t know that the authorities of the United States for all the peeping and eavesdrop on everyone?” — asked a rhetorical question the President.

“It is well known, and it has long been no secret, this evidence is enough”, — concluded Putin.