The media learned about the plans for Merkel to propose new sanctions against Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to campaign for EU’s new sanctions against Russia because of its actions in Syria. It is reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, citing a source close to the Chancellor.

Presumably, the theme of anti-Russian sanctions will be discussed at the summit on 20 and 21 October. “Despite the fact that to agree on new sanctions against Russia, Merkel will find it difficult with coalition partners, which includes the Social democratic party, and therefore at European level, the Russian discontent grows”, — notes the edition.

The newspaper adds that the US President Barack Obama in a telephone conversation with Merkel declared their support for her “strong reaction” if the EU fail to agree on new anti-Russian sanctions.

According to the publication, among the new sanctions being discussed limitations in the aircraft industry and the military-industrial complex.

This week The Wall Street Journal, citing European diplomats reported that representatives of the European governments began to think about possible methods of influence on Russia due to the aggravation of the situation in Syria. According to the publication, its response to Russia’s actions in Syria, the EU countries are going to discuss at the meeting of foreign Ministers EU countries, which will take place on October 17.

According to the newspaper, the concrete decisions on sanctions at this meeting is not expected. But if the bombing of Aleppo continues, the issue of sanctions at the meeting will be given “serious consideration,” said the sources.