Iraqi authorities announced the beginning of an operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS

As reported by the Iraqi TV channel “Al-Sumaria”, al-Abadi, the commander of the Iraqi army, ordered the attack on Mosul. He promised that the operation, which will participate including the police force and the national guard, will be crowned with the liberation of a large city in the North of the country from the forces of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

The Iraqi Prime Minister urged the residents of Mosul to cooperate with the army and prepare for release.

The beginning of the operation have already welcomed the representative of the United States in the antiterrorist coalition Brett Mcguirk, reports Reuters. He said confidently about the imminent liberation of Mosul, “after two years of darkness.”

The operation to liberate Mosul was preparing a few weeks. During this time, the Iraqi army pulled up to the front line, additional weapons, and over the city itself is constantly scattered leaflets with an appeal to the militants to leave the area.

Mosul is the largest city, which is under the control of terrorists. He was captured in July 2014, almost without fighting, the government army left the city and retreated far to the South.