The Financial Times said about trump’s ties with Russia

The Financial Times analyzed the activity of the candidate on a post of the US President from Republican Donald trump in recent decades, revealing the billionaire a large number of ties in Russia.

The first evidence of cooperation with Russia trump FT finds in the Soviet era, when in 1986, the trump first arrived in Moscow to discuss the construction of the Trump Tower hotel in Russia with Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin. When it became clear that this project is not implemented, trump invited Gorbachev with his wife to visit the Trump Tower in new York. This visit also took place, the newspaper said.

As pointed out by FT, trump did not leave hope to establish “ties with Russia” and in the Yeltsin era. The newspaper writes that in 1997, trump has requested the establishment of a giant statue of Christopher Columbus, made by Zurab Tsereteli on the Hudson river. This statue, a gift of the Russian government of the United States, was, in the end, set in Puerto Rico — after several cities in the United States refused to accept it.

Among business partners of the trump-related, the FT mentions a new York developer Tevfik Arif, a native of the USSR. He belongs to Bayrock, the construction company, with whom he then made alliances all over the world. The most famous joint project of trump and Arif was a 46-story condo-hotel, Trump SoHo. According to the investigation of the newspaper, trump began to cooperate to cooperate with the entrepreneur after a series of corporate bankruptcies has restricted its access to the capital market.

After reviewing the documents, the FT came to the conclusion that during the 2000s, buyers from Russia purchased the property associated with trump hundreds of millions of dollars. While Trump Organization did not agree with the fact that the Russians spent on development projects more than other countries.

In addition, Trump and his partners owned the brand “24K Super Premium Vodka”. At the exhibition Millionaire Fair in Moscow in 2007 was presented a bottle decorated with 24-carat gold. Late billionaire has abandoned the project.

The biggest deal signed by trump is a citizen of Russia, took place in 2008, when Dmitry Rybolovlev, the billionaire who made his fortune in fertilizer, bought tycoon mansion for $ 95 million. Commenting on this transaction earlier, trump said “He just happened to be from Russia”, and denied that he had met with the oligarch.

Another deal signed with the Russians, for beauty contest “Miss universe”, the rights to which belong to the American billionaire. Moscow billionaire Aras Agalarov has signed a contract with the firm of trump’s contract for $14 million to hold this event in Moscow.

Finanсial Times also writes that relations with Russia were several former political advisers trump. Among them, the former campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort, who left his post in August 2016. By Paul Manafort was previously one of the advisers of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Carter Paige, a former foreign policy adviser to trump, he was Advisor of the company “Gazprom”. After Harry Reid, the minority leader in the Senate, demanded that the FBI conduct an investigation in respect of a page “because of private conversations with Russian officials about the lifting of sanctions,” he resigned.

Richard Burt, former US Ambassador to Germany, who, according to the FT, participated in the development of foreign policy strategy trump in April, while engaged in lobbying the interests of Russia related to the supply of Russian gas to Europe.

The accusations of Donald trump in relations with Russia was repeatedly voiced during the presidential debates during the election campaign for President of the United States. U.S. officials made public statements that Russia is trying to influence the presidential elections, attacking the network of the Democrats. The headquarters of the Hillary Clinton accused trump pandering to Pro-Russian interests.

Previously, Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President and special counsel the Trump Organization, said that the company has no property in Russia, and all such allegations are “fabricated and misleading”.

During the second presidential debate, trump said that [his opponents] “always blame Russia because they think that they will vilify me ties with Russia.” He added that he knows nothing about the internal Affairs of Russia and “has no ties with Russia.”