The Pentagon said about the “ahead of schedule” storming Mosul troops

The Pentagon said about the “ahead of schedule” storming Mosul troops

On the first day of the operation to free the Iraqi from Mosul of militants of the banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” participating troops carried out their task with “ahead of schedule”. This at a press briefing, said Pentagon spokesman Peter cook.

He explained the operation of the Iraqi army and militias while that is faster than planned, but warned that it is only on the first day of the operation, and therefore conclusions to do still early. “This is only the first day. But it all started exactly as the Iraqis wanted,” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense. At the same time cook pointed out that the operation will be difficult and the liberation of Mosul will take “some time”.

According to the representative of the Pentagon, the coalition led by the United States conducted in more than 54 thousand training Iraqi soldiers and caused more than 10 thousand strikes in Iraq, including more than 70 in the Mosul area this month alone. He promised that Iraqi forces will have constant support from the coalition.

The operation to liberate Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq occupied by ISIS militants in 2014, was prepared for several months, the government has repeatedly announced that it will start in October-November. Monday, October 17, the commander of the Iraqi army, ordered the attack on Mosul. He promised that the operation, which will participate including the police force and the national guard, will be crowned with the liberation of a large city in the North of the country from the forces of the “Islamic state”. The Iraqi Prime Minister urged the residents of Mosul to cooperate with the army and prepare for release.

The operation involved the government forces, the Iraqi Kurdistan troops (Peshmerga), as well as Sunni and Shiite militia.

The representative of the Iraqi branch of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) Sarah al-Samkari said that the humanitarian situation in the city difficult. According to her, about 1 million civilians to flee Mosul and become refugees after the start of operations against militants.

Saturday, October 15, the Iraqi air force dropped thousands of leaflets on Mosul with a warning about the impending attack. “Time of victory” — was written on the leaflets, designed in newspaper style. A four-page leaflets told residents that coalition forces are moving to the city. Residents were asked to stay away from certain parts of the city and avoid the ISIS positions.

As already mentioned , Mosul became not only the capital for the Iraqi half of the LIH, but also the most important economic and infrastructural base of the group. In March, 2015 experts of the international Group on struggle against money-laundering (FATF) estimated annual income is $1 billion, with a significant part of the operation in the Mosul: for example, the Islamists put their people at the head of the banks of the metropolis, which established a Commission of 5% on the withdrawal of deposits by citizens (not to mention the simple looting of the Bank of cells). During the second half of 2014, the Islamists seized control of about $500 million of deposits in the banks of Mosul and neighboring towns.

Attempts to liberate Mosul the Iraqi forces have made several times in 2015 and 2016. In fact, the attack on Mosul began in March 2016, but in the summer the Iraqi generals began preparing for operation directly at the liberation of the city.