The sources denied the information about the searches in the office of “Bashneft”

The sources denied the information about the searches in the office of “Bashneft”

Moscow. 13 Oct. No operative-investigative activities in the office of Bashneft in Moscow is not carried out, the routine goes to the process of transferring documents to a new owner, according to two sources in the power structures.

“Search and seizure in the Moscow office of “Bashneft” is not carried out, because it had no basis”, – said the Agency interlocutor. He stressed that “no new criminal cases related to the activities of oil companies are not excited”.

According to the source, in the “Bashneft” is the procedure of transferring documents to the new owner. “The possible turmoil associated with “Bashneft”, was caused by the fact that the procedure be attended by the employees of the security service of “Rosneft”, – the source added.

As the correspondent, the Moscow office of “Bashneft” works in a regular mode. The building entrance is not blocked, it freely are employees of the organization.

“We’re fine, the work goes on,” said a security officer of the company. According to him, on Thursday law enforcement officers are not made in the building of any action the company’s work did not stop.

Rosneft provides continuity

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, in turn, said that the company needs no seizures of documents in “Bashneft” and continues to meet contracts, “to ensure continuity”.

“You confuse something, the recesses are produced by law-enforcement authorities, and we are no recesses do not, and no seizures, we do not need”, – he said to journalists on Thursday, commenting on media reports that the Moscow office of “Bashneft” investigators seize documents.

Informed RBC with reference to close to Bashneft sources said that in the company’s offices in Moscow and Ufa, began the seizure of documents and turn off the Internet. According to the Agency, the recess engaged by people in civilian clothes.

“Rosneft” 12 Oct fully complied with its obligations under the contract of purchase and sale of “Bashneft” listing 329,69 billion rubles at the expense of the Federal Treasury. The acquisition of a controlling stake in the company completed.

The Case Of “Bashneft”

In April 2014, a criminal case was initiated on illegal sale of shares of “Bashneft”. In August on the sale of shares of Bastakia AFK “System” was initiated another criminal case under article about the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means. The defendants in the cases were the head of “Bashneft” Ural Rakhimov, businessman Levon Hayrapetyan and the head of AFK “Sistema” Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Sweetgale “Bashneft”All materials plot

Rakhimov was charged in absentia for the embezzlement or misappropriation, as well as in the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means). Basmanny court of Moscow in absentia arrested the businessman, he was declared internationally wanted.

Yevtushenkov in September 2014, was placed under house arrest, at the end of the same year – released and later a criminal prosecution against him was discontinued. Another person involved in Hayrapetyan was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of embezzlement of $700 thousand the mother of former Senator from Bashkiria Igor izmesteva.

In December 2014 the attorney Rakhimov Ayrat Latypov said that his client had left Russia five years ago, when no criminal case was not, and never returned, but investigators know he is in Austria. The Russian side has sent to Austria a request for extradition Rakhimov, but on the 19th of February 2016, the Austrian court refused to extradite him.

“Bashneft” has passed the state

Sistema bought Bashneft from funds that were close to the then head of the Republic Murtaza Rakhimov and his son Ural Rakhimov.

In October 2014, the Moscow Arbitration court has established that the privatization of Bashneft was held with violations, and decided to request the shares of oil companies have a “System”. In December, the AFC gave Bashneft to the state, and in February, 2015 via the court sought to 70.7 billion roubles from “Ural-invest” – the seller of the asset, the structure, close to U. Rakhimov.

In March, the parties entered into the settlement agreement: “Ural-invest” paid “System” of RUB 46.5 billion, and she pledged to invest 4.6 billion rubles out of the funds received to charitable projects of the Fund “Ural” (owns 100% of “Ural-invest”).