Tinkoff Bank is thinking about creating its own network of ATMs

The management of Tinkoff Bank is considering creating its own network of ATMs. This was announced by the main shareholder TCS Group Holding (the parent company of Tinkoff Bank and the company “Tinkoff insurance”), Oleg Tinkoff on the forum Finopolis 2016 in Kazan, the correspondent .

At the moment Tinkoff Bank doesn’t own a single ATM — Bank is the ATMs partners, reminded Tinkov. “We use very well your (ATMs of Sberbank. —), parasites and pay you big commissions for it,” he said, referring to the head of Sberbank German Gref, speaking at the forum.

“By the way, we started thinking about our own network of ATMs, are working on this. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year we still will have its own network,” Tinkov continued. However, he added that Tinkoff Bank wants to approach this issue “different”. “It will not just ATMs, and more. We ponder that question,” said the banker.

He acknowledged that the lack of its own network inconvenience to many customers of the Bank. “This is especially true of currency, in particular. And here we are likely talking about it and think about it,” stated Tinkov.

Later, the head of Tinkoff Bank explained that the ATM network required to service the small and medium-sized businesses. “There is a category of clients from among small and medium-sized businesses, such as startups. It is important for them to be able to remove large amounts of. Some banks limit the withdrawal of large sums”, — he said on the sidelines of the forum. Also Tinkov said that the ATMs will help the Bank to provide customers with foreign exchange transactions. “We have a lot of debit customers who want to withdraw euros, dollars or Vice versa,” he added.

In a press-service Tinkoff Bank refused to disclose details of the future project, saying that “the idea is being studied”. “We in any case do not change the strategy and still remain completely online Bank. ATM is not a branch. Despite the growth of online payments in Russia, unfortunately, still many prefer cash,” — said the official representative of the Bank Daria Ermolina.

According to the Executive Director of acquiring and transaction of business of the Bank “Russian standard” Ivan Glazachev, in the last few years European banks seek to optimize the network of ATMs and self-service terminals, increasing their functionality. According to the latest report from research company Retail Banking Research (RBR), the ATM Park in Europe is reduced — in General to 15 thousand units per year.

In Russia the same tendency, but this is due mainly to the devaluation of the ruble and the rising cost of ATMs, said Glazachev. In this context, banks tend to merge their networks with the networks of partner banks and through them to provide additional financial services, such as specifying the size of the loan, payment of services, taxes, fines, he added. “In Russia, ATMs are often used as another channel for sales and communication with customers”, — said the banker.

In March, in an interview with Tinkov said that in the future, cash will be extinct. “Logic tells me that in his time the gold was gone and cash will disappear. Of course, everything will be electronic, the more it will be all phone or some other gadget, to be exact — will all be in the cloud. But for that first of all you need full coverage of the Internet, and before too far away. As soon as the whole world will be covered with conventional 3G, there will not be cash. Now go to Kamchatka and think: who the hell knows, let me take a “cutlet” [cash], maybe there is no Internet card and do not take” — he said.