Became known, the participants of the competition for the creation of messenger for officials

Moscow. 14 Oct. Institute for the development of the Internet took 13 prototypes messengers for use in government agencies, the report said of Iran.

“I do not recall that any domestic product, the more such level and scale was developed, on the one hand, with the participation of a number of different prototype solutions, and on the other, with such deep participation of user audience – officials – said the presidential adviser on the Internet German Klimenko, whose words are reported. We gomessenger sharpened by the needs of the end user – public servants”.

According to IRI, just for testing received 34 product. During testing, the experts of the Institute and the industry tested the usability of protopov messengers, providing them data protection, the possibility of “completion” of the specific functionality, including in terms of building a hierarchical structure.

Selected products is planned to be tested in the structures of the Federal bailiff service of “Mail of Russia”, Federal Agency for youth Affairs, the administrations of Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod regions, the republics of Tatarstan and Udmurtia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. As a result of such “field tests” Iran plans to determine the required functionality of gomessenger, specific safety requirements, rules of formation and storage of contacts of officials, a single Protocol for communication between instant messengers. The results of trials to determine the cost of running and maintenance of gomessenger.

For field trials, Islamic Republic of Iran seized the messengers “Sibrus” (development company “Hibernica”), Staply (“Primavera”), “Response” (the UCC), Actor (“Actor”), eMotion (“MegaFon”), “Cube” (“cube Platform”), Flodium (“Omji technology”), Titanium (Nexters), ICQ2016 (, Dialog (“Dialogue”), Bellchat (FSUE Glavnivc the office of the President of the Russian Federation), B2G Messenger (“Rostelecom”) and RTIMS (“RT-inform”).

As reported, the Islamic Republic of Iran raised the issue of creating gomessenger this spring. Then Klymenko invited to join the company as having extensive experience in the establishment and operation of the instant messengers. This summer Institute started to collect proposals and prototypes gomessenger, which for some months has grown from 4 pieces in July and 34 in September.

In September Klimenko noted that the number selected for pilot implementations of the products will depend on the number of government agencies and state-owned companies that are willing to implement them for testing.

Presidential adviser also stressed that in the case of gomessenger we can only go on trusted communications between civil servants. “Until you own a Russian camera, complete security can not speak, he said. – So about the transfer of sensitive documents by using gomessenger is not necessary to speak”.