The media learned about the optimization in the two parliamentary parties after the election

According to “Kommersant”, the parties with 3% in the Duma elections, the budget is transferred to 110 roubles for a voice, and the result of the recent elections a month ago with the year 2017 “United Russia” will receive approximately RUB 3.1 billion per year, CPRF — 772 mln. (two times less in comparison with previous years), LDPR — about 760 million rubles (unchanged), “Fair Russia” — 360 million rubles (currently about 950 million rubles).

Sources in just Russia told the newspaper about the upcoming optimization. In party say that the Central office can reduce about 30%.

The interlocutor of “Kommersant” in the Communist party said that the leadership of the party decided to lift half the party maximum (contributions to the Treasury of the Communist party) elected 42 deputies of the state Duma.

Associated with efficiency can be considered at the Plenum of the Communist party on 22 October. According to the party member, in the publication, those who work efficiently, the optimization will not be affected. Another source says that the structure of the Central apparatus remains the same.