The media learned about the possible change of the US strategy in Syria after placing With-300

The us military began thinking about possible change of strategy on Syria after Russia placed it complexes With-300. As writes Washington Post, the placement of the systems made “even more unlikely than it has been in recent years”, the possibility that the U.S. will be to bombard the forces of Bashar al-Assad from the air.

The Pentagon never supported the use of force in Syria, the newspaper said. And now with the installation of air defense systems — such a move is viewed by many military officials as the risk for the emergence of “games on the weak” or of war, said a senior source in the presidential administration.

Several sources said that last Friday a meeting of the National security Council of the United States, presided over by President Barack Obama, discussed the fighting in Mosul, as well as the upcoming operation in raqqa. Expected and a discussion of alternatives to the flights in Syria — in particular, sending weapons to Kurdish fighters supported by the American side, and increasing the number and quality of weapons supplied to rebels in Aleppo. however, it was postponed.

At the same time, the paper stresses, among military experts, there is disagreement on the question of “capabilities of the Russian systems”, defense systems, particularly with regard to s-300. The possibility of s-300 to counter the stealth technology and low-flying aircraft never “the American side has not been verified,” the newspaper notes.

On 4 October the Ministry of defense confirmed the data published by the Fox News channel, the transfer of s-300 to Syria. Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov then explained that this complex is designed to ensure the security of its naval base in Syrian Tartus and “located in the coastal area of the ships of the operative connection of the Russian Navy from the air.”

Two days later, Konashenkov said that the range s-300 and s-400 would be a surprise for any unidentified objects. He also noted that Russia had delivered to Syria a battery of s-300 to prevent a repetition of the events of 17 September, when the U.S.-led coalition in half an hour launched air strikes on Syrian troops in Deir ez-Zor.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on the same day stated that the purpose of the delivery of s-300 to Syria is the security of the Russian forces. “Now we just need to ensure the safety of our military, videoconferencing, our item logistics in the port of Tartus in a situation that is not yet calm down”, — said Lavrov.

7 October, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that s-300 were deployed in Syria, after the leak of data about US intentions to bomb cruise missiles Syrian airfields. “C-300 appeared there after went down the drain from experts close to the American establishment, and they were one after the other and had a kind of basis that they will bomb with cruise missiles to the Syrian airports,” she said.