“Turkish stream” is synchronized with the contract on gas transit through Ukraine

“Turkish stream” is synchronized with the contract on gas transit through Ukraine

Moscow. 15 Oct. The construction period of the pipeline “Turkish stream” is synchronized with the termination of the contract for gas transit through Ukrainian territory, which expires in 2019, said Minister of energy Alexander Novak.

“In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement on the Black sea, the project implementation period to December 2019. It is fully synchronized with the contract between “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz”, which is also valid until the end of 2019,” said Novak reporters in Goa.

As for the coming winter, according to Novak, the volume of gas in gas storages of Ukraine is not enough for the normal passage of this period.

“To date, in our assessment to pass the winter in underground storage facilities of Ukraine not enough gas. Over the summer there was not pumped about half a billion cubic meters of gas. Today for the normal functioning of the Ukrainian partners need to pump this additional volume,” – said the Russian Minister.

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He stated that “of course, these are the risks for Ukrainian consumers that they will have to reduce gas consumption, if the winter is cold it risks are significant.”

Meanwhile, Russia could supply Ukraine missing to pass the winter volume of gas for Kiev the necessary resources for payment.

“We are ready to provide gas transit (through Ukraine) to European consumers and gas supplies to Ukraine for injection into UGS,” said Novak.

He stressed that “with appropriate monetary resources of Ukraine the necessary volume of gas will be delivered”.

The Russian side has repeatedly noted that for reliable passage of winter and transit of Russian gas to Europe, Ukraine needs to pump in their own UGS about 17 billion cubic meters of gas. Ukraine for these volumes are insufficient to 2.3 billion cubic meters.

Previously, the European Union has granted Ukraine a loan for the purchase of Russian gas, but this year no such arrangements.