Ex-MPs adopted a compensation for the postponement of elections despite promises

The deputies of the sixth convocation from “United Russia”, not included in the new Council, did not refuse to pay for early termination of their powers. This was told by several former parliamentarians from the ruling party.

According to last year the law on the postponement of the elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation from December to September, the deputies of the sixth convocation, not included in the new Parliament (or regional authorities and bodies of local self-government), were retained until December 4, 2016, all cash payments, the terms of medical support and use of office apartment in Moscow.

Responding to criticism of the idea of early elections, the leadership of “United Russia” declared that its members would abandon the “Golden parachutes”. In February of this year at the Congress of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev, speaking about the need for austerity, said that deputies “could abandon compensation for salary in connection with the early termination of their powers because of the postponement of the elections”.

Have not heard anything

Specific instructions from the faction to refuse compensation was not, the money just comes to a payroll card, as usual, said the former United Russia Deputy. His former colleague in the faction Viktor Zvagelsky, who was a candidate from the Party of growth after removal from the primaries of “United Russia” said that the relationship to the faction he has not already, so the question of refusal to pay for him is irrelevant.

Former Deputy Ilya Kostunov said that “nothing specifically was done.” Valery Yazev said he did not remember whether he signed a disclaimer or not, so don’t know will I get the money. Igor Rudensky said that has not heard about the request of Medvedev and Vasiliev to refuse compensation. Maria Kozhevnikova not answered the question .

Elections were postponed in September in violation of the Constitution, deputies of the sixth convocation and deprived before the time powers, but to deprive them of these benefits one is not entitled, says a former United Russia Deputy, Opera singer Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs. Savings on these compensation across the country is ridiculous, she added. Disclaimer from the provisions of wages was populism from beginning to end, said the singer.

Disclaimers from cash payments to the accounting Department of the Duma did not arrive, said the source in the state Duma. The press service of the faction of the majority party are unable to say which of the former members of the party refused compensation.

Pre-election populism

A law that postponed elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation from December to September, was adopted last summer. The necessity of this decision was defended by the deputies of “United Russia”, using different arguments until the bad weather in December. The United Russia did not support the amendments of the deputies of the liberal democratic party, proposing to exclude from the bill the provision on the compensation nepareizais deputies. To deprive of deputies of compensation — the termination of any employment relationship involves certain payments were explained then the Chairman of profile Committee of the Duma Vladimir Pligin.

For the first time that representatives of the factions will not take compensation, said in July of 2015, the head of the faction Vladimir Vasiliev. After the adoption by the Duma of the bill he said that the faction “United Russia” has formed a unified opinion that “about any “Golden parachutes” out of question”. “People are conscious. We have limited pay its (reduced wages by 10%), and there will not be problems. No damage to the budget will not be from our party” — said Vasilyev. To review Vasilyev on this issue now failed.

After the elections in September, the Deputy will have to write a statement that waives statutory compensation to him, then explained to “Vedomosti” Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Nikolay Bulaev (now a member of the CEC). “Incorrect, when the deputies, having stopped their powers, will demand compensation,” — said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Franz Klintsevich, who joined later in the Federation Council.

It is clear now that one abandon the “Golden parachutes” will not, says the Deputy from LDPR Yaroslav Nilov. Many did not make it into the new Duma deputies are offended by their party, he said. According to him, it was necessary immediately to adopt the amendments obliging it to do.

Such statements as promises to give up “parachutes” for short memory of voters, says political analyst Ekaterina Shulman. “The Russian authorities have not adapted to the modern information space, in which, on the one hand, there is an endless stream of information, and with another — nothing does not disappear. In politics, everything under a magnifying glass, but our politicians are shocked every time they pop up old statements, for which they require a response,” concludes Shulman.

How will former members

Cost budget for each nepereinami MP, 18 October-4 December 2016 the authors of the law (the leaders of all factions except the Communist party) was estimated at 1.6 million rubles.

The powers of the deputies of the sixth convocation ended before October 18, as the first session of the new Duma took place on 5 October, so the cost of maintenance of one of the former Deputy will exceed initial estimates, reaching about 2 million rubles, this amount includes two wage — 720 thousand RUB (monthly salary of a Deputy is about 360 thousand rubles).

The new Duma was not pereizbrali 230 deputies (including deputies, passed on to work in the Federation Council and the regional bodies of power and bodies of local self-government), thus, the compensation costs can be of the order of 460 million rubles.