Media reported about the imminent reorganization of the Administration of President

The source of the newspaper “Kommersant” in the presidential Administration said that the Agency “there is a trend towards consolidation”. In particular, a single control can be created from the office of domestic politics on public projects. It is expected that by the New year, all employees will be removed from the staff, and then will appear the new staffing structure.

The source claims that on the scheme of structural works Association head of the civil service and personnel Anton Fedorov, who previously worked with the new first Deputy head of the AP Sergei Kiriyenko in Rosatom.

“Kommersant” also noted that earlier in the AP talked about plans to merge a number of departments: interregional and cultural relations with foreign countries — with the Department for socioeconomic cooperation with CIS, Abkhazia and South Ossetia; public relations and communications — with management of the press service and information of the Department of civil service and personnel — managed awards; management to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens — Department on work with citizens and organizations. To all this must happen “gradually, on the sly, without the associated hype”.

The publication indicates that the AP is reformed after each presidential or parliamentary elections, but after each optimization, the Agency returns to its former volume, and the place of the reduced offices.

The source of the newspaper close to the political unit up, thinks talk about the format change is premature: “there Can be reorganization, who knows. Now this solutions is definitely not. All work in a former mode”.