Three times the government will reduce spending on maternal and child

Less money

The government plans in 2017 to cut the budget program “health of the mother and child from 2013 to 2020” is more than half from the planned 4.7 billion to RUB 2.1 billion, follows from the explanatory notes to the budget, which was reviewed . The program was adopted in 2013 to reduce mortality of children and mothers, improve their health and prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child.

In General, over the next three years the health of the mother and child had planned to spend RUB 17.5 billion, but the cost will be reduced three times — to 6.1 billion. the explanatory Memorandum States that the Ministry of health needs to partially fill the funding gap for the program maternal health and child funds from other programs — in particular, the money will be taken from the program “Improvement of rendering specialized, including high-tech medical aid (VMP)”.

Program to render high-tech aid also expects a significant reduction in 2016, its financing amounted to 154,1 billion rubles, and in 2017 for this purpose is planned only 57,6 billion rubles.

Budget cuts the program by providing high-tech care associated with a change in the mechanism of financing, stated in the explanatory note to the draft budget. In the coming years it is proposed to provide the means of Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

Savings on medications

The reduction in spending on maternal and child partly due to the completion of several perinatal centers, says the development Director of the company RNC Pharma Nikolay Bespalov. “The program is already partially implemented, in addition, now her goal will be funded from other routines,” he says. But the reduction was inevitable, Bespalov noted, because “the budget deficit”.

Any reduction in the budget for health care will negatively affect society and the economy, said Executive Director, Association of “Pharmaceutical innovation” Vadim Kukava. He recalls that the program aims to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child, and this requires the procurement of pediatric antiretroviral drugs. If the state saves money on measures to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child, then he will have to provide infected children with expensive drugs for life. And this, the expert concludes, is much more expensive than prevention.

All drugs for the treatment of HIV infection in children — foreign production indicates Bespalov. According to RNC Pharma, in 2015, Russia imported eight brands of these medicines. The total supply amounted to 223,7 million rubles For the first-third quarter of 2016 the volume of deliveries amounted to 248,8 million RUB Leading company AbbVie. She has 40% of the total.

Dangerous savings

According to the non-commercial partnership “E. V. A.”, which provides assistance to women living with socially significant diseases in Russia, there are 140 thousand children born from HIV-infected patients. From year to year they are becoming more precise communications specialist “E. V. A.” Alexey lahov. Therefore, he said, the state should take a cautious approach to budget cuts in this area,

According to the study “E. V. A.” for 2015, the main problem of women with HIV infection who apply for public benefits, receiving breast milk substitutes, says Lakhov. According to the organization, only 25% of women receive this benefit, and everyone else has to buy milk powder alone. On average, the cost is 4900 rubles per month, says the expert.

“In this context, information about the possible reduction of costs for sub-program health of mother and child is alarming,” says Lakhov.