Went to the increase: why Vitaly Mutko received the chair of Deputy Prime Minister

The new Deputy Prime Minister

On Tuesday, October 19, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presented to President Vladimir Putin a nominee of Vitaly Mutko on a post of the Vice-Prime Minister, who will oversee issues of sport, tourism and youth policy. Last 8 years Mutko headed the Ministry of sports. Medvedev also proposed to appoint the Deputy head of sport Pavel Kolobkov, the head of Department. Putin with Medvedev have agreed proposals.

Now the sport is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, tourism and youth policy meets Olga Golodets. Another Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov oversees the construction infrastrukturnykh projects in the field of sports, in particular he is responsible for the construction of stadiums for the world Cup 2018, which will be built in 11 Russian cities.

The new position in the government — Deputy Prime Minister for sports, tourism and youth policy Putin announced on 11 October, speaking at a meeting of the Council for physical culture and sports. Then the President promised that soon the government will make “specific staffing proposals.”

The same evening, “Soviet sport”, citing a source in the government reported about the possible elimination of the MST. The publication claims that instead it may be a new Federal Agency which will deal with issues of sport, tourism and youth policy. Now these areas are supervised by three agencies — the Ministry of sports, culture and youth.

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that “Mutko great experience.” The reorganization of the MST, according to Peskov, will not.

The scandals and the world Cup

Mutko has been raised, despite numerous scandals in the Russian sport, which involved himself and the Minister. At the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, Russian team got only 11th place in the team competition, winning 15 medals. Poor performance became an occasion to check the efficiency of use of Federal budget funds on preparations for the Games. The chamber has found that the implementation of the plan, which prepared the athletes were “inefficient, imperfect, carries with it corruption and requires fundamental changes”. After the Olympics, Medvedev, then, the former President of Russia called on all responsible for the poor performance of the national team, to retire. In the end, a post of the head of the Russian Olympic Committee left its head Leonid Tyagachev and Mutko, although not removed from responsibility for the failure of the national team, promised to “work on the bugs and work on.”

In August 2015, it became known that members of the coaching staff of Russian national team on football, in particular, the head coach Fabio Capello a few months without pay. The journalists said Mutko. Capello, under whom the Russian team for the first time in 12 years have qualified for the world Cup, according to the contract received 7 million euros per year. In the result of football Association in 2015, announced the termination of the contract with Capello by agreement of the parties.

The scandal, which featured Mutko, happened in November 2015 — the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published an investigation into the activities of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla), the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, RUSADA (Russian anti-doping Agency) and the Ministry of sport. In this WADA accused RUSADA in compliance with the code of organization and indicated that the manipulation of doping samples Russian athletes was conducted by order of Mutko. Then the Minister in response to the Commission request that WADA has denied all accusations in his address, including the pressure of representatives of FSB of the anti-doping officers.

After the publication of the document Putin has instructed to suspend all who were mentioned in the report as direct perpetrators. Peskov later said that Mutko will not affect this indication, as it was not mentioned in the report as a performer.

After this scandal, Mutko made himself personally responsible for anti-doping policy, having signed the corresponding order in January 2016. Earlier this issue, first Deputy Minister of sports Yuri Nagornykh. In July of this year, an independent Commission, WADA has published an investigation into allegations of doping frauds in the Olympic games of 2014 in Sochi. The report said that in 2011 — 2015 years in Russia 643 times system had been applied to conceal a positive doping tests. While the report on the statement prepared by his lawyer Richard McLaren was interim, he was the reason for the banning of some Russian athletes to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and of the Russian Paralympic team to the Games in 2016.

One of the main achievements Mutko on a post of the Minister of sport is the victory of the Russian application for the right to host the world Cup in 2018. The highest governing body of the organizing Committee on preparation to CHM-2018 Supervisory Board, which is headed by Putin. The first Deputy Chairman of the Council Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Mutko is the President of the organizing Committee and Deputy of the Supervisory Board: it is responsible for the organization of the competition.

The scandal helped

Mutko raised for the same reason that Putin, in response to the question, does Russia plan to abandon the counter and said “figure it”, says political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. This is largely for demonstrative purpose, the purpose of which is to show that the pressure on the President is useless, the expert believes. “Mutko good functionary, he spent eight years involved in Russian sports. But remember, all it is ignorance of English and the doping scandal. I think that the doping scandal has played a positive role in the career Mutko” — said Kalachev.

You can donate Mutko and dismiss it, in part by recognizing the problems with doping in Russian sports and show the world a solution to this problem, says Kalachev, but the President has made it clear that its not throws.

Agree with him the political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. “This appointment is a signal that Putin will not give in to external pressure, including on such a sensitive issue for Russia, as a sport,” — said the expert.

Mutko in the 1990s, worked with Putin in Anatoly Sobchak in the mayor’s office of St. Petersburg, and in 2000 became one of the confidants of Putin as a presidential candidate. The new Minister has been appointed Deputy sports Minister, this means that the management authority is satisfied, said Kalachev. The world championship on football of Mutko become a major star, he said.

The work of Vitaly Mutko’s hard to call it good or even satisfactory, said the General Director of the portal Sports.ru Dmitry Navosha. Two main components of the sport — mass sport and professional — in Russia there is a failure, says Navosha, but the value is not Mutko for it. “The KPI for which it is estimated up there is Olympic medals. Mutko headed the Ministry of sports when Russia won the Olympics in Sochi and expect better made in Rio, if you forget about the doping scandal”, — the expert reminded.