Putin extended pause: Russia has agreed not to bomb Aleppo another day

That “humanitarian pause” will be extended, announced defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “On behalf of the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made the decision to extend a “humanitarian pause” for a day”, — said in his statement.

Earlier Thursday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called the conditions for the extension of the humanitarian pause in Aleppo. “Putin <…> said that, of course, the continuation of this pause, perhaps, and wish, but not in the case that this pause will be used to strengthen the rearmament and re-equipment of terrorists”, — said Peskov.

Russia launched air strikes against Aleppo, supporting the actions of the Syrian army. Moscow says that goals are only terrorists. Western leaders accuse Russia of attacks on the civilian population.

Earlier this week, 17 October, the defense Ministry announced a “humanitarian pause” in hostilities in Aleppo, where the Syrian army engaged the Russian military. We are talking about the establishment of two humanitarian corridors where civilians and insurgents are unable to leave the city. The next day, October 18, Russia stopped airstrikes on Aleppo, for which it severely criticized the Western countries.

Yesterday, 19 December, on the eve the head of the main Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of Russia Sergey rudskoy has announced the renewal of the “humanitarian pause” to seven nights (initially it was planned up to four).

“Humanitarian pause” began to work at eight in the morning on Thursday, August 20. For the evacuation of residents of Aleppo and delivery in the city of humanitarian assistance is organized in two corridors. One of them opened in the district of Souk El-Hai, and the second is on the way Costello.

The Russian news Agency “RIA Novosti” and the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen reported that the militants conduct aimed fire on one of humanitarian corridors, while trying to leave town was not very much.

A night in Berlin after a meeting in “Norman format,” President of Russia Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Syria with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Following the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is ready to extend a pause “as much as possible.”

Merkel and Hollande, in turn, said that the situation in Syria reminds them of “war crime”. “We are talking in this case about the criminal activities, crimes against the civilian population”, — said Merkel.

Thursday afternoon, Bloomberg published a quote from the draft statement at the summit of EU leaders, which turned out to be words on possible sanctions against Russia over Syria. “The EU considers all options, including restrictive measures against individuals and organizations if the violence does not stop,” — said in the draft, which was available to the Agency.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication Bloomberg, advised “to wait for the final resolution”, the day before Reuters reported that EU leaders will decide on new sanctions against Russia.

The situation in Syria escalated after the collapse of the cease-fire, which Russia and the United States agreed on 9 September. As stated by representatives of the rebel Free Syrian army and the media, the air strikes on the city were the most intense in recent months. The US, Britain and France called for an international investigation to establish whether the situation in Aleppo signs of a war crime.