“You are a puppet”: the six key topics of debate trump and Clinton

On the U.S. Supreme court

Clinton: “Supreme court must protect Americans, not corporations and the wealthy. The Supreme court is to protect the interests of women and LGBT communities.”

Trump: “the Supreme court should support the second amendment (the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. — ). If Clinton wins, the second amendment to be a mere pale copy of himself.”


Clinton: “It is the constitutional right of women to make perhaps the hardest decision of her life. <…> I would not like to have the us government interfere in this personal decision of each woman.”

Trump: “I support a ban on abortion. But I think that it should be left to the States.”

The migrants

Clinton: “I don’t want to see the deportation of the troops, which said Donald. We have 11 million undocumented citizens. Trump believes that it is necessary to drive each of them. This idea would split the country. In my plan, the reform will only affect criminals. But they need to be expelled from the country. I propose a comprehensive reform.”

Trump: “we will not Have a country, if there is no border. We need a secure border, we need a wall and we’re going to build. We have to kick out the bad people from the country.”

About Putin and the impact on the US presidential election

Clinton: “Putin wants a puppet on a post of the President of the United States. Russia hacked American web sites and passed them to WikiLeaks. This was done with the consent of the highest level, including Putin. Russia’s intervention in our elections confirmed the 17 departments of our intelligence. <…> It is absolutely clear that you support spying against the United States, against our citizens, that you want to keep lines to Putin, to sign up to his list of desires, to destroy NATO to do what he wants. And you continue to receive support. You are his clear favorite in this race.”

Trump: “the Intervention of Russia and someone else in the Affairs of States of course, I condemn. I don’t know Putin, never met. He told me many nice things, but he’s not my friend. It would be nice if Russia and the US get along with each other and defeated ISIS (Islamic state banned in Russia organization. — ). And I know that Putin has surpassed her (Clinton — Forbes) and Obama on every point — and Syria, too — that’s why she doesn’t love him”.

About the crisis in the middle East

Clinton: “I will not support the deployment of troops in Iraq as occupying forces. I don’t think it’s in our interests. Our goal is to return to Mosul. It will be an uphill battle. I think we can recapture Mosul and then to go to Syria, to recapture Raqqa. Syria is a hot spot of terrorism. Civil war ignited by Iran and Russia, continues.”

Trump: “we Have been Mosul, but when she (Clinton — Forbes) all withdrew from there, we have lost Mosul, and now we have to conquer it again. Three months ago, all knew they were going to attack Mosul, where, as they think, sat the leaders of the terrorists. And what is the effect of surprise? They’re all already there! They are smart. And it is a great folly of our country. Why do we not stay in Mosul? But no, now it all starts again” (see more on this in the article “Ordinary sexism: how video trump blasted the election campaign”).

Clinton: “How trump responded to the accusations? He has spoken at rallies where he said that didn’t do anything with the women accused him because they are not attractive. It demeans women and demeans their dignity.”

Trump: “All the stories about me are not true. I’m one of those women don’t know — they either wanted fame or supported the election campaign of Clinton. And this, by the way, criminal case”.

About the opponent

Clinton: “You are a puppet”.

Trump: “not Hillary should run the country, she is guilty of serious crimes. Even before the electoral campaign it was impossible to prevent”.

Often, it’s not the policy ideas that determine the outcome of the #debates. It’s the zingers and gaffes. pic.twitter.com/ogxui4IfbD

— Vox (@voxdotcom) 19 Oct 2016