Belgium has accused Russia of fabricating data about the impact of the F-16 in Syria

The defense Minister of Belgium Stephen Vandeput says that Russian defense Ministry handed over to the military attaché of the Belgian Embassy in Moscow, “the so-called evidence was to demonstrate that the F-16 Belgian air force was responsible for an airstrike in Aleppo”.

Transferred evidence “consists of a map with the route of flight that allegedly carried out the Belgian aircraft,” said the Belgian Minister. “From this it can be seen that the identification number of “friend or foe” does not belong to the Belgian air force, which proves that the approval of the defense Ministry are fabricated,” — said Vandeput.

He added that “pending formal rejection of the baseless accusations.”

On 18 October, the Russian defense Ministry announced air strikes on the village of Hassidic in the province of Aleppo, killing six and injured of varying severity four. The Agency claimed that during a RAID in the area was recorded two F-16s of the Belgian air force and aircraft of Russian air force was not there.

On the eve of the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov said that F-16 that struck the village of Hassidic, took off from the airfield in Jordan and twice refueled in the air by us aircraft. He noted that all statements of the Russian defense Ministry about the involvement of the Belgian air force for air strikes based on the data means of objective control.

“I want to clarify that each aircraft there are a number of unique features that allow you to identify them,” explained Konashenko.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow demands from the US state Department’s statements “strongly condemning attacks on civilian targets and killing civilians.”

In Belgium, involvement in air strikes deny it. Vandeput on October 19 stated that “the charges have no meaning.” “We don’t usually tell people where we are active, but I can confirm that we have not flown over the region in those days,” he said.