Experts have recorded an increased number of deaths in hospitals due to the reduction in beds

Increased mortality

The number of hospitalized patients in Russia in 2015 decreased by 817 thousand, and the number of deaths in hospitals increased by 24 thousand, according to the experts of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health”.

In 2014, the number of hospitalizations amounted to 31.2 million people, in 2015 – 30,4 million, provide the data to the report. According to the Director of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov, the reduction in hospitalizations associated with reduced availability of medical care in hospitals. According to the Foundation for Health in-hospital mortality (ratio of deaths in hospital among discharged out of it in percent) in 2015 was 1.71%. In 2015, to the hospital died 519 thousand. In 2014, the deceased was 495 thousand, and the rate of in-hospital mortality stood at 1.59%, told in the Fund.

The cause of increased mortality is to reduce the hospitals, says Gavrilov. One only 2015 was eliminated 41 thousand beds, and in 2013 — more than 100 thousand, cites expert, because of this large number of patients come late to the hospital.

The most serious problems with the shortage of beds in rural areas, experts say. In the village in the first place was reduced specialized medical places: cardiac, neurological and pulmonary. In the end, the patients with heart attacks and strokes fall on General therapeutic beds where to provide them specialized help no one and nothing, says Gavrilov.

The greatest increase in mortality, said the report showed 10 regions: Murmansk region (+0,28), Kursk oblast (+0,26), Penza oblast (+0.24 percent), Karelia (+0,22), Perm Krai (+0,22), Volgograd region (+0,21), Mari El (+0,21), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (+0,20), Tyumen oblast (+0,19) and Krasnodar Krai (+0,19).

Regions showing a positive trend, too, notice in the Fund. Improvement achieved Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (-0,25), Kaliningrad oblast (-0,09), Tambov oblast (-0,08), Magadan oblast (down -0.06%), Ingushetia (-0,05), Moscow (-0,04), Saint Petersburg (-0,03), Astrakhan oblast (-0,01), Chechnya (-0,01), Tyva (-0,01). In these regions, highlight the Fund, in 2015, a growing number of hospitalized patients. In St. Petersburg their number increased by 66 thousand

The mortality rate for palliative care

Increased mortality in hospitals, the health Ministry did not deny, but it is not associated with reduced hospitalizations, said the press service of the Ministry.

In 2014 and 2015, with hospitals lifted restrictions on the age of patients and severity of diseases that are prevented to be hospitalized, noted in the Ministry of health. The number of hospitalized ambulance among patients of working age had increased over the year by 3%.

Affects the growth of in-hospital mortality of palliative care, explained the Agency. This kind of medical services is to maintain the comfort of patients with incurable and severe diseases. Due to the fact that the clinic began to accept the terminally ill, the mortality rate increased.

The Ministry of health make it clear that the mortality rate in Russian hospitals is lower than in developed countries. In Finland in-hospital mortality is 5.1% UK – 6.3% United States – 3.1 percent, cited data from the Agency. “The reasons for the underreporting of hospital mortality in Russia, celebrated for decades, was the limitation of the number of hospitalizations according to age of patients and severity of diseases”, — declared in the Ministry of health.

The decrease in the number of hospitalized citizens, in turn, is connected with growth of volumes of medical aid clinics, trauma centers, etc., and also the introduction of alternative forms of hospitalization, insist the Agency. So, say the health Ministry, the number of beds of day care centers from 2011 to 2015 increased by 3.4%. The number of treated patients in them increased by 6.1%.

The Fund does not provide any information about the structure of mortality, and without this information it is impossible to conclude which indicators contributed to the increase of in-hospital mortality, has questioned the conclusions of the experts of the Fund “Health” in conversation with the founder of the all-Russian Union of patients Yuri Zhulev. Previously, patients were often refused admission to a hospital, knowing that it will not be able to help and spoil their statistics, said Zhulev, now began to take on more complex cases he concluded.