Medvedev asked not to call the proposed payment a “tax on parasitism”

The authorities are not going to enter “the tax” discussed only the question of involvement in the system of payments for sotsuslugi those who do not pay contributions for them. About it as transfers TASS, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting in Ingushetia, commenting on the debate in the government about the introduction of a new collection. This fee Medvedev asked not to be called “a tax on parasitism”.

“I want to draw attention to is no tax on profits, so it is better not to call, it is about the involvement in the system of payments for social services those who are not registered and those who are not involved in the formation of the respective funds, but, at the same time enjoys the social sphere”, — said Medvedev.

Earlier on Friday, 21 October, labor Minister Maxim Topilin said that the collection from unemployed citizens, which is causing controversy must amount to 20 thousand rubles. “I think 20 thousand is fine, even a little,” — said Topilin. He explained that legally working person pays income tax on the minimum wage in the amount of 11.7 thousand rubles a year, but for the man in the shadows, the subject pays to the Fund the MOE at an average of 8-9 thousand.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the words of the head of the Ministry of labor, said that the Kremlin about this “no position” and this issue, according to Peskov, was not even discussed.

On the possible introduction of a tax on able-bodied, but not working people, in may this year, said Deputy Minister Dmitry Peskov. Then labor Minister noted that the time for such a tax “is not yet come”.

The reason for the discussion was the decision of the authorities of Belarus to impose a tax on persons in working age but not employed employed and not paying premiums.

Against the “tax on profits” made by the Ministry of health and Ministry of economic development. Education Minister Veronika Skvortsova emphasized that such a law violates the Russian Constitution.

In early October, the head of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin said that the idea of introducing a “tax on profits” has not worked, and the introduction of such a charge should not be expected before 2018.