Shoigu said on detected in Syria, the shortcomings of Russian military equipment

Speaking in a unified day of acceptance of military products, defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in the application of military equipment in Syria “revealed a number of design and manufacturing flaws,” according to the Agency TASS. The Minister promised to consider what measures are being taken or already taken “to improve the reliability of military equipment.”

Previously, on 6 October, Sergei Shoigu, summing up the year the operations in Syria, said that many domestic samples of armaments in the desert “has shown its reliability and efficiency.”

In the spring, may 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with military leaders and the leadership of the UIC discussed the results of the action of Air and space forces (VKS) and the Navy (Navy) of Russia during the operations in Syria. Putin said that videoconferencing and Navy “best” have shown the effectiveness and high quality of Russian weapons.

Meanwhile, Putin also acknowledged that “the operation in Syria has revealed certain problems, shortcomings.” He then set the task to conduct a “rigorous investigation” to adjust the future direction of development and improvement of military equipment.