The Central Bank has appointed a new head of banking regulation Department

The Director of the Department of banking regulation Bank of Russia from October 20 appointed Alexey Lobanov, the Bank said. He previously held the position of Deputy head of banking regulation Department of the Central Bank.

The previous head of banking regulation Department Vasily Pozdyshev in may 2014, he occupied the post of Chairman of the Central Bank. Since then, for two and a half years, this position no one held.

The purpose Lobanov — the first since the announcement about the large-scale personnel changes, announced in early October. “To solve the accumulated problems are not enough settings and the intensification of work within the existing Supervisory practices necessary deep restructuring of the supervision, updating the entire system”, — said the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

According to the orders of the Chairman of the Central Bank, which came into force on October 17, her Deputy Mikhail Sukhov left the Bank, first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Alexey Simanovsky has moved to the position of Advisor to the Chairman of the Bank of Russia.

Was previously in charge of the monetary policy, first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin is now responsible for the banking regulation and supervision and service of risk analysis. He oversees the work of the two Deputy Nabiullina — Vasily Pozdyshev and Vladimir Safronov (managed by the chief Inspectorate of the Central Bank).

Licensing and financial recovery of all financial market participants, including banks, are now supervised by the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Sergey Shvetsov. Under his control will be created and the Department for the elimination and recovery of financial institutions.

The purpose Lobanova may indicate continuity in the approaches to supervision, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MDM Bank Oleg Vyugin. “Everything will go as it was, since there is continuity: people worked with Pozdysheva in the apparatus, then climbed up to the head. I think little will change,” he says.

As follows from the account Lobanov social network LinkedID, he graduated from the Moscow state Institute of electronic technology in 1998 and a postgraduate of the Institute of Economics in 2007, has a certificate FRM (Finance Risk Management — financial risk management).

The Central Bank Lobanov came in April 2012 for the position of Deputy Director of Department of Bank regulation. Prior to that, over ten years working in the NP “Research group “REA — Risk-Management”, including nine years as Vice-President. Member of the expert-methodological Council of the Banking Institute of HSE.