The media learned about kept in “Peresvet” thirds of the funds administration of the ROC

In the Bank “Peresvet”, the main shareholder is the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and where from 21 October, the Central Bank introduced a temporary administration, was kept about a third of the funds administration of the Russian Orthodox Church. About it reports “Interfax” citing a source in an environment of shareholders of the Bank.

The source said that “Peresvet” has a main account of the Moscow Patriarchate. All, according to him, the Bank kept about a third of all funds of the administration of the ROC. About the fate of the stored media – have they been removed – the source Agency does not know.

He also said that the main problem of Bank “secrecy”, “the inability of its management to clearly explain what, how and why it does” and “vulnerability to negative PR campaign and inability to submit an open, positive information”.

The Bank of Russia from October 21 appointed in the Bank “Peresvet” interim administration. The message of the regulator noted that the interim administration, which will aim to study the financial position of the Bank imposed in connection with satisfaction of claims of creditors on monetary obligations in the terms exceeding seven days since the date of their satisfaction.

Three days earlier it became known that “Peresvet” has restricted the issuance of deposits to customers. The representative of the press service of the Bank said that the Bank has no liquidity problems, and an increased demand for cash withdrawals that is observed in “Peresvet”, associated with the emergence of media reports about the disappearance of the Chairman of the Board of Bank Alexander Shvets.

Vice-President of “overexposure” Nadezhda Gromova, commenting on statements to the media about the disappearance Shvets, called the reports insinuations. In the official message of the Bank, appeared a little later, explained that Sweden is in Moscow, but is undergoing treatment and therefore temporarily unable to perform the functions of the Chairman of the Board of the Bank.