The foreign Ministry commented on the statement by the White house about the possibility of sanctions

According to Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov on the statement of the press Secretary the White house Josh Ernest, which he said “RIA Novosti”, one gets the impression that the current US administration set itself a single goal — “to permanently damage relations with Russia, then it took many years for them to recover”.

According to the Deputy Minister, for the Russian side, similar statements from the United States “were no news.”

“I guess new is the intensity with which repeated the spell about sanctions. I’m ready to bet with anyone or to play in the tote, on a bet that every day they will continue the sanctions about to say. It turned into a daily ritual, a part of mandatory programs in certain sports, without which it, perhaps, some of the figures from the administration points for the day not put”, — said Ryabkov.

Moscow, he said, will find a way to respond to new US sanctions. “We are in the case of expanding the us sanctions list under false and largely meaningless excuses — we will find a way to respond so that a very different balance formed, not in favor of the United States,” said Deputy foreign Minister.

Before Ernest said at the briefing that “the US approach is to keep the possibility of sanctions” against Russia because of the situation in Syria. According to him, the us is discussing with allies in Europe and the countries of the region “methods to reduce the level of violence in Syria, including with Russia’s involvement to responsibility for their actions.”

“Secretary [John. —] Kerry and other representatives of the state Department involved in various discussions and attempts to come to some conclusion, and we intend to discuss with these partners a wide range of options, including the potential use of financial sanctions,” — said Ernest.

October 17, the White house spokesman already talked about the possibility of financial sanctions, but in the context of cyber attacks on the Democratic party of the United States, in which the us side accused Moscow.

On the eve of the EU leaders summit in Brussels “strongly condemned” the attacks of government forces and its allies — particularly Russia — on the civilian population in Syria. In the final statement it was said that EU leaders agreed to “consider all options” if Syria will continue, “cruelty”, but did not mention that these options include new sanctions.

Before the summit, 20 October, Bloomberg reported that word about the possibility of sanctions will be included in the draft final Declaration of the EU leaders. After the summit in Brussels Financial Times reported that the inclusion of new sanctions in connection with the events in Aleppo in the final summit statement urged Germany, France and the UK, but in the end we won the point of view of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said he did not understand how it will help the establishment of peace in Syria.