Poroshenko called for two alternative to the Minsk agreements

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in case of refusal of the Minsk agreement leaves only two options: a military solution to the conflict and open attack on Russia. He stated this in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, reports UNIAN.

“He who proposes to abolish Minsk needs to offer an alternative. Alternative two: a military solution to the conflict and open attack on the Russian Federation. I ask you to compare military budgets and capabilities, was asked to assume responsibility for future victims,” — said the President of Ukraine.

In addition, Poroshenko said that there are no secret agreements with foreign partners regarding the Donbass does not exist. “The first myth — there are supposedly around the “Minsk” any private arrangement, unknown to the General public or our partners. I want categorically to deny it. This is unusual style for European policy. It is in Moscow to negotiate, to sign a secret agreement and then over the years they do not make public”, — assured Poroshenko.

“If Ukraine itself will be released from the Minsk agreements, forget about sanctions. If Ukraine itself will assume the status of a violator of Minsk agreements, forget the coalition,” the President added.

He also said that during the meeting in Berlin in “channel format” he didn’t yell at the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Poroshenko explained that he had asked Putin to stop shooting, but said that one never raises his voice.