Banks increased the revenues of small businesses in crisis

Russian banks since the crisis began to quickly increase the customer base through small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In parallel, actively growing and their Commission income for settlement and cash services, told representatives of credit institutions most actively working with entrepreneurs. Banks looking for new sources of income because of lower margins in other segments, experts say.

Raiffeisenbank 2014 to October 2016 the number of Bank customers in the small business increased from 51 thousand to 80 thousand the Lion’s share of new customers (75%) lives in the capital. As told the head of Department on work with small business Raiffeisenbank Roman Zilber, fee and Commission income in the last two and a half years ROS in proportion to the customer base — about 40-50% per year.

The share of Commission income increased steadily and actively in the segment of small business: entrepreneurs are increasingly using mobile banking, SMS banking, payment cards. “On one account account for almost two additional product. This is a record figure. Only in 2016, we opened more than 50 thousand accounts to new customers,” — says the banker. In result, the share of Commission income from servicing this segment — 50%, and natural persons — 30-40%, says silber.

Director of small business Bank “Opening” Larisa Shvetsova says that the fee income of the Bank for seven months of 2016 increased by 78% in comparison with 2015, or more than two times compared to the same period in 2014. According to her, over the past two and a half years the number of active SME clients has increased in the Bank three times.

Such a sharp increase in the number of SME customers and revenue from their service is associated with the beginning of large-scale revocation of licenses by the Bank of Russia, said the chief analyst of PSB Dmitry Monastyrshin. “Business, especially regional ones, started to look for a credit institution in which it can be serviced, and large and medium-sized players satisfy this demand and now solve problems for the growth of their own income,” he says.

Banks in crisis conditions — a jump in interest rates and deterioration in the quality of borrowers has really upped its attention to generating fee income, said the analyst BCS Olga Naydenova. However, in her opinion, this is due to the increase in the quality and volume of provided services in all banking services. “Imagine conditions for banks in 2015. What else can they do? Increase revenue where they can improve,” she says.

The strategy of banks — to build a more stable fee and Commission income in the structure of the financial result, said Kirill Lukashuk, the head of group Finance of an ACRE. “In many ways, banks have triggered a sharp contraction of net interest margin after the crisis of December of 2014,” he agrees. A large number of Bank customers get to cover and due to the rapid growth of technology of work with them: it reduces the operational risks to a minimum, the expert adds.

After the start of mass revocation of licenses of the Central Bank and falling profits for small and medium business drew the attention of the players, for whom attention to this segment was unusual. So, Tinkoff Bank entered the SMB market in 2015. Application service SME Bank initiated in mid-2015, and to actively attract clients from the beginning of 2016, says the Director of Tinkoff Business Fyodor Bukharov. “Now the Bank receives several thousand new applications a day and the proportion of service users for business from Moscow and St. Petersburg does not exceed 30%,” — said Bukharov.

Appeared and the banks that decided to build their entire strategy on the small and medium business. So, Modelbank, launched in the peak of the crisis, in late 2014, as a service for small business, about 80% of their Commission revenue from the service of settlement accounts of SMEs, says co-owner and Deputy Chairman of the Bank Oleg Laguta. 10% on foreign exchange transactions, including currency exchange, 5% bring non-banking services — accountant, lawyer and business assistant. The proportion of clients from the regions have Modelbank — 70%, he adds.

Annual maintenance of the IBU begins in Russian banks with a few thousand rubles, and ends with a sum of above a million, to be fresh report Business Banking Fees Agency Markswebb Rank (the study was conducted at the Moscow branch of the largest banks in the turnover of means on accounts SP). Total cost is cheaper service conditional entrepreneur-freelancer — 2 thousand. This tariff offers Modelbank, the price for the same type of business in the Bank is already at the level of 38.2 thousand rubles, the study said. Tariffs for small retail store is much higher: the Bank “Point” (marketed as the Internet Bank for entrepreneurs “OTKRITIE FC”) offers a service for 597 thousand rubles per year, UniCredit Bank for 1.25 million rubles, to the report.

To estimate the increase in the cost of cash management services since 2014 difficult, because much has changed tariff plans. Competition is increasing and banks are forced to look for more “tasty” offer for its customers, says the head of “Services of banks” of the company SKB Kontur Olga Smirnova.

To increase revenues, banks are going by raising the quality of service recruited customers. So, Raiffeisenbank and OTKRITIE Bank stated that it will develop remote services for SMEs.