Media reported the transfer by Russia of the Turkish intelligence on Syria

Turkey joined the pool of intelligence sharing, which includes Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran, the newspaper “Izvestia”. The agreement that Moscow will give Ankara intercept data, radar and electro-optical imagery intelligence was reached during the talks between Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Then part of the Russian delegation were the chief of the General staff of Russia Viktor Gerasimov, who spoke on this subject with the Turkish colleagues.

The Chairman of the Committee on defense and security of the Federation Council Sergei Klincewicz assured the newspaper that Turkey, in turn, share information. According to him, this country has a “very effective and very good intelligence agents in Syria.”

Turkey launched a military operation “shield of the Euphrates” in Syria on August 24. The Turkish military entered the territory of the province of Aleppo and took the city Dzharablus, which controlled by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). Initially, in Ankara, talked about the desire to protect their borders from extremists, but then the tanks began to move into Syrian territory, the Turkish Parliament extended the mandate for the military operation for another year.

In Damascus stress that the Turkish operation is performed without official permission of the Syrian authorities. As claimed by the source Agency “Interfax” in mid-September, about the illegitimacy of the actions of the Turks spoke in Ankara and Gerasimov.

On 5 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the Russian side has seen “the aspirations and the problems that arise from Turkey in connection with the events in Syria”, and therefore unexpected operation “shield of the Euphrates” for Moscow was not.

The next day, 6 September, press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said that the operation in the North of Syria “is supported by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin”.