Moscow announced a resumption of “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo

Moscow considers irrelevant the question of the resumption of the “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo, said the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

In his opinion, the question of the extension of this regime is irrelevant, as “there has not been what was required for the last three days.”

“It is clear that in order for this mode to return, it is necessary that our opponents have provided adequate behavior of anti-government groups, which, in particular, disrupted medical evacuation estimated in the previous humanitarian pause,” said Ryabkov told reporters.

At the same time, Ryabkov says that Moscow and Damascus carry out all the agreements that were reached to settle the conflict in Syria. In his opinion, all of the claims that the Syrian and the Russian government receives, “aimed at heating up the atmosphere, to create certain disadvantageous political situation”.

Deputy foreign Minister also expressed the view that there are no prerequisites for the Ministerial meeting on Syria in “Lausanne format”, however, the situation may change. According to Ryabkov, the experts of Russia and other countries that held a two-day meeting last week, “understands the whole situation, then there is no additional political impetus to the experts top guide no need.”