The head of the Society for the protection of the rights of consumers was asked to declare the wanted list

The head of the Society for the protection of the rights of consumers Michael Anshakov has published a document under which the senior investigator OSP DISTRICT No. 1 of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow Golosov S. A. on 11 August 2016 issued a resolution declaring human rights in the Federal wanted list for the concealment described property (article 312, part 1 of the criminal code).

For orders Anshakov learned only on Monday, October 24. Head ozpp maintains that resides at the address of permanent residence and did not change the place of work, known to law enforcement.

Previously, the Department FSSP across Moscow, in Khamovniki bailiffs instituted enforcement proceedings for recovery of debt in the amount of 105 thousand rubles with OOO “Urban Bureau of commodity expertise” which General Director is Anshakov in favor of physical persons. In the case of debt recovery bailiffs seized 15 pieces of office equipment owned by the Bureau, but later during the inspection, they reported the disappearance of the three units of office equipment.

Anshakov claims that the bailiffs property is not hidden and has been moved to another office in connection with the relocation of one of the divisions of the organization. According to him, the bailiffs, which produced an inventory of moving known. In addition the property was not transferred under the painting for safekeeping, as just described.

Lawyer Anshakova rose Barsine intends to appeal the decision on the search for a suspect in court and seek the termination of criminal case on which have expired interrogation. Previously, she said that in August 2015 the head ozpp has declared wanted.

“I was again put on the wanted list, but this time remains without detention,” – said Anshakov. He believes that the initiation of criminal cases against him on technical grounds, of which he cannot go, like the practice of “watchdog control” from the security forces.

A criminal case of concealment described property was filed against Anshakova in July 2015. Prior to this in June on the website appeared a reminder to consumers when visiting the “occupied territories”. In a special booklet Russian tourists were encouraged to request from the Ukrainian authorities the resolution on entry in “occupied Crimea”. Anshakov explained that he wanted to warn the Russians about possible difficulties in obtaining Schengen visas after visiting the Crimea. He also demanded the COP to check the connection of the Crimea on the constitutionality.

The Russian authorities repeatedly declared the legality of the annexation of Crimea to Russia in a referendum. President Vladimir Putin called the work ozpp “serving the interests of foreign States.”

In 2012, Anshakov was the figurant of criminal case about slander. The reason for this was an interview with the head ozpp “Novaya Gazeta” in which he stated that the Fund HHS turned the temple into a “business centre”. Even before the release of the material ozpp required to accept the trade in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior illegal, but the claim was rejected. Against Anshakova filed an administrative case and a criminal libel case. In may 2013, the world court in Moscow fined him 100 thousand rubles.